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Heininger HithchMate QuickCinch Utility Straps Review

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Review of the Heininger HithchMate QuickCinch Utility Straps

Today we'll be taking a look at the HitchMake QuickCinch Utility Straps, 1" wide by 21" long, in black in a 10-pack, part number HE4084. The HitchMate Cinch Strap has a wide variety of uses, from inside the house, to outside the house, the garage and other everyday smaller items. The way that it works is that it features a hook and loop type fastening system to where there's these plastic fibers on this end of the strap and these softer fibers on this end of the strap and when it actually is closed those fibers kind of interlock and create a really nice strong hold. Now we'll go ahead and just go over a couple of quick applications. You can see here that we have a bike on a bike stand that can be used in your home or studio or in your garage, but sometimes the wheel and handlebars can move back and forth maybe coming in contact with some of the stuff in your garage, or if you have, if you're using your bike on a hitch-mounted bike rack or maybe a trunk-mounted bike rack. When you're traveling down the road, sometimes your handlebars will go back and forth and maybe hit the rear of your vehicle or come in contact with some of your other bikes. What we can actually do is we can use this HitchMate Cinch Strap to go around the rim and tire and back out the frame. Insert the end into the buckle and pull it tight.

Basically, this is just going to keep everything contained. That way your rim's not bouncing back and forth, maybe the pedals from your other bikes might get in here and mess up the spokes. That way everything is nice and contained when you're traveling down the road. Now another cool use for these straps is just keeping all your skis or maybe your ski poles all in one bundle. If you're carrying your skis in maybe a roof-mounted cargo box, you don't want all of your stuff to come apart and smash into your other gear. So, we can use these Cinch Straps, go around our skis and keep them in place.

You'll actually see that when I pull them tight they'll actually clinch together. See here Pull it nice and tight, come back around and secure. Now that they're all together and confined, again, you can stick them in your roof-mounted cargo box, or whether you're at the lodge or in your garage and hang them up on some hooks or put them in the corner out of the way. Now, moving to the garage, everyone knows that it is difficult to kind of keep everything organized out there. Here we have an extension cord that we can use the Cinch Strap for just to keep everything nice and organized and prevent it from getting all tangled up. Because the majority of the Cinch Strap is the cloth fiber, what we'll need to do is take the strap and kind of wrap it around a couple of times so that way when we bring the plastic fibers around, it has something to grab onto. Insert that through the buckle and just pull it tight.

You can use this for just a normal extension cord, maybe the cord of any of your power tools, table saw, a weed-eater or leaf blower. Now we can just go hook them up and hang them out of the way. Now that we've got everything all cleaned up, organized and out of the way, that will complete today's review of the HitchMake QuickCinch Utility Straps in black, part number HE4084. .

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