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Gustafson RV Reading Light Review

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Review of the Gustafson RV Reading Light

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at Gustafson's RV Reading Light, part number 277-000333. This reading light is great for kicking back with a book while on vacation. It can be mounted on your wall, it can also be mounted on the ceiling, so you can angle it down on your work surface or wherever you might need it. The swivel and pivoting design will allow me to use it not only on my couch here, but also over at my dining room table. It can also just be adjusted straight up or straight down for some ambient light.It features a glass swirled frost finish for your shade, and a nickel coated metal base. It features an on/off switch right here on the light, so you can turn it off right there.

Which is also nice because you can wire it directly into a power source, without having to worry about another light switch on your RV to turn on and off. It also comes with an 1141 bulb, so it's ready to go out of the box and this will complement the interior of most RV's, even older ones, updating them and giving them a more modern look. The overall dimensions are 6" tall, 3-1/4" wide and 3-1/4" deep.Our customer Joey B. had to say, "I am redecorating my motor home and wanted to switch the fixtures and drawer pulls over from dated shiny brass to stain nickel. These are replacing the reading lights on each side of our bed.

They are better than I'd expected. The quality is great, and the light is awesome, it's almost too bright. I would definitely recommend them. They are a bit smaller than the ones they replaced, but they still look good."And Joey B's right, they will work great in the bedroom. You can place one on each side, have one for yourself and one for your partner.

And compared to your traditional wall mounted light, this one's going to be more adjustable, because you can direct the light.Now before we install our lights, it's always important to make sure that you have the power off in your RV. We'll be mounting our light on the wall here. We're going to connect the white wire to ground and the black wire off of our light to a 12 volt power source. We'll make those attachment using some wire nuts or butt connectors, you can pickup some butt connectors here at, and you can get some wire nuts at your local hardware store.The dished design is going to allow your wires to tuck behind it, making for a clean install. Two mounting screws are included.

Let's check it out.That completes our look Gustafson's RV Reading Light, part number 277-000333.

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