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Gustafson RV LED Dome Light with Button Review

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Review of the Gustafson RV LED Dome Light with Button

Hello neighbors, it's Brad here etrailer. And today we're looking at the Gustafson LED flush-mounted dome light. So you can see our previous light fixture has two incandescent bulbs and it puts off the decent amount of light. It's a little more outdated looking with the yellowy kinda orange tint. This, we have a nice warm white light and so it's a nice non-abrasive light that still outputs quite a bit and it's in a smaller package. Also being LED, it's going to use less electricity and it's also gonna last longer.

If you're looking to implement this in your camper, now you're gonna wanna check to make sure that it's gonna fit in your previous fixture spot and so it's gonna be six inches by four inches. The small footprint but high output of light makes this bulb a great option for mounting either underneath cabinets or in the cabinets for some storage lighting. Now, this is a good footprint and it has nine diodes in it so it puts out pretty good light but as you can see our mounting holes, you can get away with not having to patch those by stepping up to a larger version of it. Now this has 12 diodes and so it's going to output a little bit more light and it's going to cover up our mounting holes perfectly. With everything in life, I really like efficiency, things that lasts long and overall just good quality and part of lighting technology has come a long, long way in just the past few years and a lot of that is LED lights.

LED lights not only give us a brighter light, it's more efficient, it lasts longer, everything about it kinda checks the boxes a little bit better. So, if you have a camper, these are pretty standard, what you see in a lot of them. We're gonna go ahead and change this out and see the difference that it makes. So, here we have it, before with our two incandescent bulbs. We're gonna replace this entire thing and see the difference.

Now, changing these fixtures out is gonna be a very quick process and it's gonna give you instantly better light within just a couple of minutes. So, I'm gonna show you how to change these out. Now first you're gonna want to cut the power to your camper. That way you're not working with live electricity and to take these panels off, you simply slide them out and then they're going to pop out. I'm going to do that on each side.

It's also a good chance to get some of these bugs that have hung out in these caps. And now we see our actual fixture is mounted up with some Phillips head screws. We can go ahead and take those out. Now, I suggest keeping your lights off or at least the one that you're gonna be working on for a while, that way it's gonna allow it to cool down 'cause these can get pretty hot. You're also gonna want to hang onto this hardware as we remove it because we're going to need this to re-install our new LED fixture. So with our screws out, this should simply drop down. A lot of times you'll have some wire caps there, so we're gonna go ahead and we can either cut these off and put new caps. Or if you have a crimper, sometimes you can actually salvage these or bring them off without having to cut by simply, kinds biting into them sideways, the opposite way they've been crimped and that's gonna open that, opening up, allowing these wires to loosen. Now, also keep note before you separate them, where your wires are going. So you can see off our light fixture, we have a white and a black and those are going to be feeding up to our power wires. Now, here's maybe a different color, but ours are denoted by being white with a red line and we also have just our plain white wire that are going to the other light from our fixture. So we can separate those. We'll do the same here on our power. So now, we'll grab our new fixture. So to get this installed, you're gonna want to take your cover off because you're going to be using these holes behind it to mount it up. Now, as far as wiring, pretty simple. You have a white wire and a black wire. So your positive and your negative, and you're gonna want to attach those accordingly to your camper. Now, our power wires are white and red. Yours may be different, but you want to check to make sure with the voltmeter. So, we're gonna put this on here. Now you just have a screw-on wire cap. That should work fine. Now we'll attach our negatives. Now, hardware is not included so you may need a few small screws to get this into place. With our screws, we simply can just screw this into the ceiling. Once you have that mounted up, you simply pop on your outside cover here. And with that snap into place, all that's left is power up the camper and test it out. And there we have it, nice bright LED light in a smaller fixture. Now this is only six inches long, so it does leave the mounting holes from our previous light fixture. So you may have to go back and touch those up, but as you can see, it outputs quite a bit of light for being pretty small. And that was a look at the Gustafson LED RV dome light..

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