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Gustafson RV LED Utility Strip Light Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Gustafson RV LED Utility Strip Light

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Gustafson LED LIght. So inside the box now, and we closed the door down and here's how it looks, you know, you can see, but it's not as clear as we we're like, you know, it does an okay job. but I think there's definitely room for improvement. So I'm really looking forward to seeing how much more of these lights actually help. So now we have our lights installed, so we just put two of them up.

And you know, when you get too carried away, we just put one there and one there and what a difference, you know, these ones are way brighter than the originally ones. Sure, we left the main 'cause they are still throwing some light off, but way better. I mean, honestly, it's about spot on, in my opinion, I think any more light, it would kind of shrink your eyes. So for this purpose of loading this truck off and unloading and you know, after hours and things like that, this is really going to make things a lot easier. So these LED lights have came such a long way, you know, and they are awesome.

They come in just about every shape and size imaginable and you can really do some cool things with them. You know, they're really universal and the same old shoe with this exact light right here, you know, we're using it in a box truck today, kind of fits perfect on the bottom of the top rail here and the light's kind of slightly angled down. So it's really a great fit for this, but you know, you can use it for pretty much any automotive application or even, you know, a lot of people put them on their RVs or on their campers, trailers. I mean, the list goes on. So just about anything you can think of, as long as you can hook this up to a 12 volt power source, it's going to work and you can enjoy it.

One thing that is super cool with the LEDs is, you know, they hardly draw any amperage at all. So, you know, you can really run a lot of these sayings and not have to worry about draining your battery down really, or overloading circuits and things like that. And since they don't really draw a ton of amperage, you know, they run cool. So this light's been on for probably I'd say a good 20 minutes now, at least, and it's really hot out here today, it's probably a hundred degree day outside. And I can put my hand right over this and that is barely warm to the touch.

So, you know, you don't have to worry about heat issues or anything like that. That's always a bonus for this type of lights So because of that black housing, you know, it's really going to help throw that light where you want it to go. Now as far as the overall size of it, you know, it's on the smaller side, I'd say, but just to make sure that it'll work with your temporary application or whatever you got in mind, we'll go over a couple of measurements now. So from end to end, it's going to be eight inches, eight inches long and the width , So the front to the back, it's going to be one and one quarter of an inch. And as far as the thickness of it or the depth of it, it's going to be one inch. So you can use those measurements and a double-check before you pick it up to make sure it'll work with your particular application. Pre-installation, you're first going to want to find a where you want to mount the light. If you already have existing wiring in there, probably stay close to it. In our case, we have our OEM wiring right here. So we'll just tap off of that. Because it is a few circuit and more than enough amperage left to power of these new LEDs. So that side of my mount is up right here. What I've done is simply just pre drilled some holes here in the top rail, that way we can use our mounting points there. And I drilled the hole there too and smoothed it out. That way we can feed our wires up through here. That way they're not getting pinched. I keep in mind, we're doing this on a box truck, but these lights, I mean, they worked for anything and everything just about. So, you know, your setup might be a little bit different, but that's okay. It's all of a relatively the same, regardless on what you're installing it on. So that I got that lined up. I'm just going to use some, some screws, so I get this secure. Now we just need to hook our wires up. So I went ahead and cut the original lights off that way we don't have power to them. And I did test them prior to that, I forgot which one does what, the OEM blue wires, the power wire, this light gray is the ground. So I hooked out the white wire from our LED to that gray wire, that'll be the ground. And I'll just use a quick splice and I'm gonna do the same thing for a power wire here, this black one, that'll go to the blue and way these quick splices work are really simple. You're simply just going to slide your wire through, push it around the other wire and then this piece of metal here, this little tab, we're going to squeeze that down, choke down on it. And that's actually going to splice into each wire and make the connections. So once it's nice and flat, hoist up to cover. And now all that stuff to do is test this out and make sure it works right. So with it hook up, come back here and flip our switch to power it on. And it looks like it's working properly. So I have one more to install on the opposite wall of our truck. So I'll do that the same exact way. And then we can really see how much it lights everything up. So whether you'll be installing one light, two, or even more, you'd simply get all those done. Test them out and make sure that they work and then you'll be all set. And that'll finish up our look at, and our installation of the Gustafson LED Light.

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