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Greystone RV Single Burner Induction Cooktop Review

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Review of the Greystone RV Single Burner Induction Cooktop

AJ: What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today, we're going to be checking out this induction cooktop from Greystone. It can be a good way to add to your existing setup. You can see the burners right here. They're kind of small.

It doesn't give you a lot of room. You can now add this to it. It just plugs in. You can have another burner that works separately. Also, if you don't want to use your gas one anymore, it gets too hot in here, for whatever reason there's not a lot of room in here, you can just get this and then you don't have to use the gas anymore.

This plugs in. You can take it outside if you need to cook outside, just to give somebody else more room in here while you're doing it. There's much more options.Plus, it's easier to just add this to the countertop than rip this out and try and add another burner or remove this. You can just close this back down, move this over, and now you have an induction cooktop that's good to go. Let's check it out.

The first question that most people will have is what is induction cooking Induction cooking is where it uses a magnet to heat up the pan that sits on top of here to make the heat. So instead of your normal burner where you have a heating coil, and then if it's a glass top, then you have to warm that glass top, then you have to heat up the pan. Induction cooking heats up just the pan, so it will be way quicker than your normal stove top and more efficient because it's not generating a bunch of heat around here. The pan will still get hot, but you're not going to get a bunch of heat coming from this top at all.The key to induction cooking is using a magnetic pan. So we've got a magnet here to test it out, just to show that it works.

And that's what the magnetic properties are used to go ahead and transfer that heat from the top of the stove to your pan, so that's why you're using a magnetic one. If you we're to use another pan that wasn't magnetic, nothing would happen. It would have nothing to activate that heat. There'd be no transfer of heat whatsoever. It would just sit on the top and wouldn't even activate. You can set this down on there and then hit the power and then it'll turn on and you can actually start using it. Another pan, it won't even be able to turn it on that way.Another benefit to induction cooking is just the safety of it. If you remove the pan and you we're to accidentally bump into this after you had already turned it off, it wouldn't be that hot. Sure. The heat will build up between the pan and the burner, but the burner itself is actually not heating up. All the heat is going to be here in the pan because of the magnets like we explained earlier. So the surface area doesn't get hot on its own. So that's good, where if you take the pan off or you got small quarters like this and there's people walking back and forth, you accidentally bump and hit it, you'd be fine. It wouldn't burn your hand or anything like that.There's a couple of extra safety features that Greystone added. I'll turn it on and show you. Like this lock here. So let me set this. I'll bring the heat down. Normally, you can just hit the buttons, adjust the heat like that. If you hold the lock, then none of the buttons work. That way if you have any kiddos running around and you don't want anybody bumping into it or messing with it, none of the buttons are going to work. It will be unresponsive and you unlock that by just holding it for three seconds, then you can change it, drop that back down, or turn it back off. Now this, the power button still works when it's locked just so you know. All the other buttons don't. Another nice thing is it auto shuts off when there's no pan. So you take the pan off. It'll turn itself off knowing that you're not doing anything with it.Now let's run through the functions. You have the power button here. Now these are touch controls. It's really responsive. I was pretty surprised. I'll set it here and show you. It follows my hand very easily. I thought it would be a little delayed, but it's not. I think that's pretty cool. Now you can adjust which way you want to cook with like a power rating. That's what this one is. So you can up the power there, but if you want to be more precise and you'd rather cook with a temperature rating, then you can go over here, click on the thermometer and you can adjust it that way. Now you can also pick this. That'll keep it just warm, so if you finish cooking your dinner and there's something else that's cooking outside and you want to just keep it warm, you can hit that and it'll drop it down just to keep whatever's in here warm. Yeah. You also have a timer on this side. I'll go back to the setting there and you set the timer and with the plus and minus on each side, you can adjust the time both ways to whatever you need to set that timer.Now, another thing is it will automatically stop if you take the pan off. It'll give you an error message. That's another one of the safety features too. It just won't work that way. There's no heat being generated there. The pan is going to be hot because it was sitting on there, but there's no heat there and you set it back down and it continues working. Let's take some measurements, so you see how much room is going to take up on your countertop. As you can see in this pop-up camper, there's not a whole lot of space to work with. Going from this side to this side, you got 11 and three quarters and that measures out at 15 inches and then let's see how tall it is. It's like two and one quarter. So that's what you're working with on countertop space for this one. Now there's plenty of room on here for this. And your existing grill, you could probably just set it on top of there too because again, this part's not going to heat up so you don't have to worry about it heating up the glass or anything like that, so that makes it easier to move it around or put it wherever you need it.Now we've gone over the features and got some measurements, let's see how it cooks. I'm going to go ahead and turn it on. I'm going to set the temperature. We'll go about midway there. We're just going to cook some egg whites, so we don't need a bunch of heat. It sounds like it's already got some heat, so that's quicker than my stove at home for sure. Well, it turns out it works pretty quick. I was impressed with that. You can see the eggs came out nice. It took no time at all. I know that I said it while I was cooking, but my stove top at home takes a little bit longer for the pan to get heated up before I even add the eggs in there. I added there early than I thought I was going to to, but it got it nice and hot. They started scrambling right away and cooking. So again, really impressed with it. It works as fast as they said it does. That about does it. Thanks for hanging out and I hope this helped..

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