Gorilla-Lift Utility Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist Review

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Review of the Gorilla-Lift Utility Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist

Today we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Gorilla Lift Utility Trailer Lift Gate Assist with cable. This offers a 300 pound capacity. It's part number is GL1. Here's what the Gorilla Lift's going to look like installed on your trailer. As you can see, we've got a dual system here so we're not just supporting our gate. We're assisting our gate from one side so it's going to pull up evenly on both sides.

That's going to help eliminate any of the gate warp or the twisting that we get, which is really going to take a lot of the extra load off our hinges. The Gorilla's Lift's designed to mount onto trailers that have a side rail of anywhere from 12 to 24 inches. It's going to work for gates that are anywhere from the trailer deck up to 4 foot all the way up to 6 foot high so really a very versatile style with a 300 pound capacity. That's going to take care of most of those big gates that are out there on the market today. Overall, our length is going to be right at 6 foot. We look at our side to side dimensions, right at 2 inches by 2 inches so anything from a ...

Maybe an inch and 3 quarter up to whatever width rail you might have, this should work great on. The bolts themselves are 2 and a half inches long so up to 2 inch square tubing. Things like that shouldn't be a problem getting these installed on your trailer. Now, inside of each Gorilla Lift, what you'll see when we install, we've got a dual spring. You've got a larger spring that's going to run the length down here and connect to our cable and then a smaller spring right inside. It's going to give us really great support and a small compact design.

The cable runs on through right down here to our thermal plastic rollers. We've got one on the bottom and one on the top that keeps our cable directly in the center there and these are self lubricating so we don't have to worry about grease inaudible 00:01:56 or grease guns or anything like that. You case see our cable's going to fit right on the mounting bolt here. This is a 5 and a half inch bolt, of which about 3 inches of it is going to be usable so as long as your gate doesn't have larger than a 3 inch tube, shouldn't be an issue getting it installed. The Gorilla Lift, they really thought about longevity with their product. We've got sturdy steel construction here.

It's going to have a powder coat finish on it. That's going to help resist corrosion. The cables that they've used, these are stainless steel so they're not just low grade steel cables. All the hardware's been zinc coated. It's going to give us superior corrosion resistance. Plus, on the springs located internally, there's an eco finish there to, again, resist the corrosion so we'll have a product that will really look good for a long time to come. To begin our installation process, we want to take both parts of our Gorilla Lift and we're going to set it right down on our top rail. You can see this angle. That's going to be the top and the very back of it as long as we make sure that the letters are the right way up, we'll know we've got it in the right position. We want to mark each of our holes. Now we got lucky here on our trailer. There's already a hole that exists here in the back. Big tip here is just to keep this about a quarter inch from your gate. You don't want the gate to actually come up and make contact with it so keep that in mind. This one's got plenty of room here. Put that in position. We want to slide our front piece forward and without moving this piece, I'm going to scribe right there where that hole location is and now let's bring our other portion back and now without moving it, let's take this part off. Square it up and let's get that one marked and we'll do the same thing up here on the front. There is a location all the way there at the back. If you don't already have a hole there, you'll need to drill that one out as well, but we want to drill it out to a half inch. We're going to start with a smaller pilot bit just to get it going. Then we'll switch to that larger bit. Now let's run those out to half inch. Now the hole's drilled out, we're going to grab our 7 16ths inch carriage bolts. What we're going to do is place them right down through the tube, just like that. We want to be sure that they don't get crossed like that. That's not going to let our spring work. We want to be sure they're fully seated down in there. That's going to slide right down. We'll have one in each hole location. That's why we drilled those holes out just a little bit larger, as per the instructions of course but just a little bit larger to give us some adjustability there on it. Then to the bottom, we need to add on a flat washer and then one of our flann's nuts. We're going to do that at all 4 locations. Now once we center this up with our rail here, then we'll go ahead and tighten our bolts down. Again, we'll do this in all 4 locations. Now with that nice and secure, we're ready to install our cable and spring. We can slide the cable in from the front here, toward the back. Now before we get our spring in there too far, you're going to see we've got an outer spring that has a loop on it and an inner spring that has a loop on it. When we slide our pin through, we want to be sure to go through both of those. We're going to slide our pin in through the inside. A little screwdriver or a little hook can help you with alignment. That'll come through this side. Now, on to that we slide a half inch washer, and then we're also going to have the keepers or the little clevice pins. Those are just going to kind of . If you wiggle them, they'll slide down on there. You see ultimately that circle's going to go around and hold it in place. Now we'll head to the back of the trailer. Now, we're going to slide one of our pins through. We want to make sure we go right through the center of our roller. Then we're going to attach 2 of the smallest washers that we've got and then another one of our keepers. Now we'll lift our cable up and install our roller underneath. Again, just like the top, 2 flat washers there. All right, now we want to grab the little black S hook. We're going to attach it to our cable and we'll go right up to the expanded steel on our gate. We're going to make sure we've got it even on both sides. Once we've got that hooked in place, we're going to go do the same thing over on the passenger side. Of course, we've already got ours installed. Now it's time to actually test out our gate. These aren't our permanent attachment points. This is just so we can test it temporarily. What we want to see is . Pull this down, it actually stays stationary wherever we stop. You can see there, this is looking really good. It takes virtually no effort. Pop it up with your foot if you want. That, to me, looks like positioning here is going to be perfect. Let's re-latch our gate in the upright position. That puts our cable loop about right here so we want to come over. Let's mark that spot right in the center of the trailer. We're going to do that on both sides. Then we'll get our half inch holes drilled out. Now we're going to take our long bolt. You see we've got a flat washer we've already installed on there. That's going to go right down to the gate. Then we can thread on one of our flange nuts. We want the top of that to be facing toward the end of the bolt there. Kind of backwards of what you'd normally put one on. We place the flat washer on there. Slide that right through the hole. Flat washer on the other side and then another flange nut. We just need to snug those down, do the other side, and our gate's ready for use. Now when we're all said and done, you'll see how nice and easy the gate's going to come down. We're not going to have to worry about it falling or anything like that. Right down to the ground and then we can load up. Now we can get strapped down and heading down the road to the next job. That's going to complete our look at the Gorilla Lift utility trailer tailgate assist. Part number GL1.

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