Global Link RV Cam Lock Cylinder Replacement Review

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Review of the Global Link RV Cam Lock Cylinder Replacement

Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Global Link Replacement Cam Lock Cylinder for RVs. These are available in several different sizes and offer stainless steel construction.Now we've discussed the various lengths of tumbler that are available, or cylinder that are available, but just to help ensure that it's gonna match your application, this cylinder measurement, not on the flat parts, but on the round parts, should be 3/4".Now as RVs age, generally we start to see failures in some of the locking mechanisms. If you don't maintain 'em, keep a little bit of oil in 'em, eventually they're gonna corrode and become useless. Also, you might right into an incidence where you're losing your keys. You've misplaced your keys. You need to replace the cylinders, Global Link gives us the replacement cylinder and the hardware we're gonna need to get this attached and these are gonna come keyed alike.

So if we do misplace our keys or lose our keys, we can get replacement cylinders for all of our locks and have just one key operate every door, with the exception, of course, of our main entry door.Now when determining which cylinder length you're gonna need, you want to take out one of your old cylinders and you're gonna measure from the point in which it meets our camper, which would be right here, down to the end of the cylinder. Once you've determined that measurement, this one happens to be 7/8" and then we've got 'em up to 1/8", 3/8", 1 3/4", just depending on the depth that you need. So, check your old inaudible 00:01:28, match it up, and order that as a replacement.Something I really think sets these locks apart compared to what we generally see factory equip, is that these are stainless steel so the corrosion issues that we deal with, and the rust issues we deal with, we really aren't going to have to worry about.Now as far as the keys go, you can see they do have that nice cover over it. Gives you a little better grip on it as you go to turn it, comparing this to standard keys you're probably used to 'em being just kind of think and chintzy feeling. These don't really feel that way at all.Another thing I like about the lock, I think it's really gonna help to improve the longevity, you can see that door.

We're gonna have that little flap designed to come up. That protects the inside of our core so we don't have to worry about dust and dirt getting in there as we're traveling.Now to begin our installation, we'll need to get our old lock out of the way so we can replace our new lock. You can see the little grab handle here. This is not a part of the actual lock, so we're gonna be able to reuse that on our new lock. To gain access, we need to get to this nut.

It's located on the backside of the door here. Once we get to the backside here, we want to pull the screw. This is generally gonna be a Phillips but will also accept the flat head. And this portion, the locking tab, we want to hang on to.We can use a 7/8 socket and we're gonna remove that nut around the outside. Yours might be a little bit different size.

If it is, use whatever size that you need. Now it's gonna be a matter of pushing on one side of the lock while we pull on the other. You can take it out just like that.Now we've got that pulled off, let's take the nut off of our lock cylinder. We're gonna leave that rubber gasket on and we'll get this slid in, just like that, and we'll place this back through our door. Of course, we'll want those flat sides to match the flats on the opening. On the backside, we'll place our new nut on and we'll just tighten that down with the same size socket.All right. Now that it's secure, we'll need to take out the screw there, place that on, then put our screw back in place. Let's get that tightened back down.We just wanna close that door, turn our lock. You see there's a little bit of a movement there. We can adjust this just slightly. If it's too tight, we can bend this tab out a little bit. If it's too loose, we can bend it in. With this having that little offset in it, I can actually just reverse this. That'll make up the difference that we've got there. Look's more like what we're lookin' for. Nice and secure.That's gonna complete our look at the Global Link Replacement Cam Lock Cylinder for RVs.

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