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Glacier Light-Truck Snow Chains Rubber Adjuster Review

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Review of the Glacier Light-Truck Snow Chains Rubber Adjuster

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here, at trailer. And today, we'll be taking a look at our Glacier chain rubber adjusters, for your Glacier tire chains here, at trailer. So these are the rubber adjusters that are designed for vehicles like, light trucks, SUVs, larger passengers vehicles. They are designed to work with 16 and a half inch to 19 inch wheels or rims. Now, to be honest with you though, I personally think if you do like this style, to get it in a size up, since it kind of runs small, or to get another style of rubber adjuster, like these. Just because they're so much easier to use, since this is a very tight fit.

It does require a little bit of strength to get them around your chains. Now, some people do like this style, so we'll talk about that, just to see if it's the right fit for you. So, this is basically a rubber cord with some hooks. Now, some versions come with five hooks, some versions come with six hooks. It works in the exact same way, no matter how many hooks you do get.

When you do install them, I recommended going up, down, left, and right. That way, it's easily distributed. You also have different options for installing it. You can put the hooks on first and then attach the cord or have it all together. We'll go through that in a little bit, but first we'll take a look at some dimensions.

So, your rubber cord, just in this position, is going to be about 15 inches long. Now, this still has to stretch though, so you do get a slightly smaller diameter. You can see how, if you do have to stretch it, if you get to your larger 19 inch wide or diameter rims, it will be a bit of a stretch. Which is again, why I recommend getting the size up, if you do need to do so. Now as for the metal hook that comes with this kit, measuring inside dimensions, so that's going to be from the top to the bottom, is going to be about an inch and a half inches tall.

And then, when you are using it, make sure that the cord goes inside the smaller loop, right over here. And then your larger hook, is going to go around your tire chain. So this is going to work with cable style, kind of like what we have here, but also the ones that have links, or view bars or square links. You can find the different types of tire chains that this works with on the product page. So we have our hook right there and notice that you can leave your hook on your tire chain, if needed. That way, you just connect to the hook instead of connecting both the hook and the rubber cord. So we have them on tire size, 225/65 R17, right now. And you can see how with our 17 inch rims, it's already a very tight or tension fit. So I know, some people like more tension when it comes to rubber adjusters, and that's definitely what this is going to provide. Now, it's also a lot more low profile than the other style of rubber adjuster. So, that's cool too. If you do like having those hooks, which are separate from the cords, this is the style you would go for. Also, to be honest, it kind of looks better than the multi-arm rubber adjuster, since it's a bit more minimalistic. So, my final thoughts about this rubber tensioner is, it is a struggle to install. Especially if you get the perfect size for your tire, or if you're on the higher spectrum for the range of wheel sizes that it fits. Again, I do recommend, Glacier chains, other type of adjuster. This is the multi-arm adjuster and it's a bit easier to install. I've installed a bunch of tire chains here at trailer, and this is my favorite style. But again, if you do like the look of this rubber adjuster, or you liked the way this works, then hopefully, the dimensions I gave here and how it works, will help you out with making that decision..

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