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Gen-Y Iron Grip Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin Review

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Review of the Gen-Y Iron Grip Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin

Hey everybody, how's it going Today we're going to be going over and showing you how to install the gen Y iron grip anti-rattle hitch pin lock. So the iron grip is going to be offered for two inch, two and a half inch and three inch trailer hitch receivers. For this demonstration, we're going to be showing it on a two and a half inch trailer hitch. So this is what our hitch pin looks like installed. Now all of our components here are going to have a nice stainless steel finish. So you know they're going to be durable well-made and it's also going to prevent any issues we might have down the road with rust and corrosion.

Now being a hitch pin that it's on the outside of the vehicle, sort of towards the bottom, these things do get abuse from the weather so it's nice to know that we have that stainless steel construction. It's going to prevent any issues down the line. So there's definitely plenty of locking hitch pins to choose from on the market. This certainly isn't the only one. But what the iron grip does that not a lot of the other ones do is it has a built-in anti-rattle mechanism.

So in regards to anti-rattle, that's sort of a problem area for solid steel ball mounts because there really isn't any room to get any sort of tightening mechanism in there to help secure and snug up the connection. However, with this hitch pin here it has a pretty unique design. It uses a sleeve that really helps pin the shank inside the receiver tube to give us a nice and secure connection. So to show you guys how well that anti-rattle mechanism works, we're going to go ahead and grab the shank on our ball mount here and I'm just going to shake it back and forth. And if we did everything correctly we should actually see the truck move as opposed to seeing the shank of our ball mount moving around inside that receiver tube.

You can see there, it's a pretty solid connection. It's definitely going to cut down on that rattle and noise that we usually have. So in addition to the anti-rattle mechanism this also doubles as a hitch lock because let's face it, with our larger trucks here using the adjustable drop ball mounts these things can definitely get expensive. So it's going to be worthwhile to protect your investment. Now, I know what you're going to be thinking.

Where is the actual locking mechanisms seeing how it doesn't use keys but the way these little ends here are designed on this actual hitch pin most standard sockets are actually not going to work. I actually went ahead and tried to and I couldn't find one that actually worked with this. You're going to have to use the included tool with your kit. So if you're familiar with hitch mounted accessories, ball mounts in particular, you know that there's always going to be some rattle here with your ball mount no matter how high end of a ball mount you choose. There's definitely going to be some movement here. But that's not necessarily due to poor manufacturing. These things are actually designed to be a little loose because we actually do have to install and remove them quite frequently in the receiver tube. So we can't have too tight of a connection or else it's just going to make things that much more difficult. Therefore, these things are actually designed with a little bit of slot built in just to make things a little bit easier on us. But with this slot we're going to get some unnecessary rattle. It's kind of annoying. It's not something we want to hear when we're driving down the road, especially when we're towing our nice trailer, therefore by purchasing an anti-rattle hitch pin, we're going to get rid of all those issues. So the great thing about the iron grip, it will obviously work with gen Y stacked receiver ball mounts but we can pretty much use it with any other adjustable ball mount on the market, such as the way safe option that we have it hooked up to here. So when we're actually ready to remove our ball mount, we're going to take our included tool here, just simply turn it counterclockwise to loosen. And then once you break it free, it's pretty easy to get the rest off by hand. So we don't want to remove this completely because since the anti-rattle mechanism here is pinning the shank inside the receiver tube, we're actually going to need to take a hammer. We're going to hit the end of that little knob there just to free everything up and break it loose. And then what we can do we can remove it the rest of the way and pull that out. And we need to jiggle the ball mount a little bit in order to get that sleeve out as well. But now we can go ahead and just simply remove our ball mount. So we're going to first start out by inserting our ball mount into the trailer hitch receiver, and then lining up our hitch pin holes. Now we can take our hitch pin with our serrated washer here and we can install it on either side. It doesn't matter. We'll just simply insert it through there like so. Now once we have our hitch pin in we're going to take our sleeve, this is what our sleeve looks like the flange here is going to be facing away from the hitch. Then we're going to take the end of our hitch pin here, our little nut lock. We'll just simply thread that on. Once we start getting some resistance we can take the included wrench. Now we're going to put pressure on this side of the hitch pin to hold it still and then we'll just take our wrench and start tightening. So once we have enough pressure on our hitch pin here we shouldn't have to hold the other side but now we're just going to go ahead and snug down the end here, give it a nice couple of good pulls here to really tighten it up and that should be good. So once we get it tightened up, we're going to go ahead and throw our wrench in the truck there so we don't lose it but that's going to do it today for our look at installation of the gen Y iron grip anti-rattle hitch pin lock..

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