Gear Up Wall Mount Kayak Storage Rack Review

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Review of the Gear Up Wall Mount Kayak Storage Rack

Today we'll be taking a quick look at the Gear Up Wall Mounted Kayak, Canoe or Surfboard Rack, rated at 150 pounds, part number GU44011. I'm going to give you a couple quick dimensions. The overall height of the rack from the top edge all the way down to the bottom side of the hook is about 25-1/2 inches. It sticks out of the wall about 15-1/4 of an inch. Now the weight capacity per hook is 75 pounds, but together they have a maximum load of 200 pounds. Now we can go ahead and place up our kayak into the rack. Now the weight of this kayak rack is design ...

is designed to hold the kayak up on its side. The rack has this nice protective foam padding that's going to help protect the surface of your kayak. Now we'll go ahead and show you how to install it, now to begin our installation here, I'm basically just going to set the rack up against the wall so I can drill some pilot holes, the pilot holes are just going to help me . when I'm actually driving in the wood screws, that are included with the kit. Now that we got some of our pilot holes drilled, now I'm going to go ahead and drive in our wood screws that are included. Now depending on where you're mounting this or what kind of materials you are mounting it to, it is a good idea just to make some measures, just to make sure that it is perpendicular to the floor, that way your kayak is hung level.

Now that we just got one screw in place I'm going to go ahead and finish drilling our pilot holes and then drive in the remaining screws. Now when choosing a placement for your second part of the rack, just want to make sure that everything is level, you can see here we have a seam which mean our two pieces of plywood, now depending on if you're in your garage, you're just using the studs or wherever else you may be, just find a fixed point, either measuring from the ground or measuring from the shelf or something that you have. I'm just going to measure from this bottom steel piece down to the center of that crack, where the two pieces of plywood meet. About 7 inches, and we'll just go ahead and move to the other side kind of line up our second piece of the rack and then I'm just going to make that same measurement that I did over there. Now that we got the 7 inches, I can kind of eyeball where it's centered. Again, if you want to make it completely level, completely straight, again it would be helpful to measure, then I'm just going to drill our pilot holes. Now that I got one of the pilot holes drilled, I'm going to go ahead and drive in one of our screws just to help it in place and that's going to make it a lot easier when drilling the rest of our pilot holes and driving in the rest of our screws.

We can make sure it's straight and I'll finish drilling our pilot holes. Now that our kayak is up and on the rack, that'll complete today's review of the Gear Up Wall Mounted Kayak, Canoe and Surfboard Storage Rack, part number GU44011. .

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