Gear Up Vertical Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack Review

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Review of the Gear Up Vertical Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack

Today we'll be going over the Gear Up Vertical Wall Mounted Bike Storage Rack with a Removable Basket and a Two-Bike Capacity, part number GU40012. We'll begin our review by first just installing it onto our wall, now I went ahead and pre-drilled some holes in our wall just to kind of make the screws go in a tad bit easier. We'll go ahead and finish off with the last one. As you can see with all four of those wall screws in place, you got a pretty solid stand. Now that we got the rack installed, I'm going to go ahead and put on our basket. I just removed the basket just so we could be install it a lot easier, we didn't have to fumble with it. This wall-mounted bike rack holds two bicycles vertically on your wall, it has a nice basket here that you can hold, gloves, helmets or any other items that you may take out on your trail ride, and also these two hooks here on the bottom of the rack that can be used to also hang your other gear, maybe you got a CamelBak or a hydration pack or some type of bag that you carry while you're on your trail, have the hooks here. Basically a one-stop shop for your bicycles and all of your gear.

Now the two hooks that actually will be holding the bike by the wheel do have this nice rubber coating over them, that's just going to protect your rim from any scratches or abrasions especially if you have a carbon fiber rim. Now depending on where you install this, if you're going to install it maybe on your garage. Here we have an unfinished unpainted surface, but there are these black plates here, this is what the tire is actually going to be resting on, so that if you would install this in your apartment or your studio, it's not . the tires aren't going to cause any scuff marks on your painted walls. You can see that the entire rack is coated in a black power coat finish, that's going to help resist scratches and dings from any of your accessories or even your bike that you're loading up. Now we'll go ahead and just load up some bikes.

Now this rack does hold a variety of bikes, you can see the first bike I'm going to load up here is a road bike, and you can see the stand does fit the skinny road bike tires. The next bike I'll be loading up here, we have a mountain bike and probably with about 3 inch wide mountain bike tires. When you're loading up your other bike, you just kind of want to be mindful of the handle bars so they don't hit each other. Then we can just go ahead and hang up our gear and everything is up and out of the way. The rack's installed dimensions are 16-1/2 inches tall by 19-1/2 inches wide by 9-1/2 inches deep. It has a total weight capacity of 100 pounds.

Now that we got our bikes and our gear all put away, that'll complete today's review of the Gear Up Vertical Wall Mounted Bike Storage Rack with a Removable Basket and a Two-Bike Capacity, part number GU40012.

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