Gear Up Tres Wall Mount Ski Storage Rack Review

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Review of the Gear Up Tres Wall Mount Ski Storage Rack

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Gear Up Tres. This is a wall-mounted, 3-ski holder. The part number on this is GU46030. We also have this on the 2-ski version, part number GU46020 or a single ski version, part number GU46010. This is designed to hold up to three skis. It doesn't matter if they are cross-country ski, a downhill ski, it's designed to accommodate whatever we're using.

We got 3 double hooks here. This is where we're going to hang our skis. As you can see we've also got 2 extra hooks available, that's going to be for our poles, our gear or anything like that, that we need to store also. The hooks themselves have a really nice, durable rubber coating on it. It's going to protect the finish of our skis and also help to grip on the ski from moving. The holder itself has a durable gray powder coat finish on it.

It's going to help to resist any of that water and stuff we're going to have on our skis from causing any corrosion with it. They've provided this with all the hardware we're going to need for installation. They send this with 3 good long screws designed to go into the wall. Now this of course you want to find the stud to go into or be sure to use a good quality anchor. That's going to give up to 30 pound capacity per set of skis, so we can have up to in total of 90 pounds. Once we've found our position, as you can see we've already got 3 of our screws in, we've got it level.

We'll just put our third here in the middle to give us the support we need. I'm not going to have any issues with this down the road. That's going to complete today's look of the Gear Up Wall Mounted 3-Ski Rack with the lifetime warranty, part number GU46030. .

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