Gear Up Steel Gravity Bike Stand Review

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Review of the Gear Up Steel Gravity Bike Stand

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Gear Up platinum steel gravity bike stand, with a two bike capacity, rated at 120 pounds. Part number GU33060. This gravity style bike stand holds two bikes in your garage, apartment, or studio. It designed to be set up against the wall, and no bolts or drilling or mounting is required. All the weight is basically held down by the bikes, which puts pressure on the foot of the stand and helps keep the stand in place. Now, on the bottom of the stand, you could see it has the stabilizing bar here.

Just going to help protect your bikes when they're in the stand, and again, that weight is going to be bearing down onto the feet of the stand, and you can see how these are angled. It's actually going to put pressure downwards and actually hug the wall. Which is how the gravity stand works. Now, on the bottom of the feet, are these black caps. If you're in your apartment or maybe your studio, those caps are going to protect, maybe a finished tile or a finished hardwood floor, so the bottom of the stand is not going to scratch up your floor. Also, to help protect your apartment or your studio, are these caps again here at the surface that's going to be in contact with the wall.

Basically, using this gravity rack is not going to affect any of the painted surfaces or tile or hardwood floor that's going to be in your apartment or studio. The arms of this bike rack are pretty unique. Basically, they can adjust three, four, five different ways to accommodate for a wide variety of bike styles and bike sizes and even bike heights. First off, we can see that, if you loosen up this black knob here, that allows you to adjust the height of the arm. For example, if maybe one of your bikes is a 29 inch road bike tire, and you've got to have it off the ground, so the wheels don't touch the ground, you'll need to raise this higher up, so that you can set your second bike on it, so it doesn't interfere or maybe hit the handle bars or hit the seat of the bike that's on the lower level. Also, these arms adjusting independently, is going to accommodate for slanted top two bike frames. For example, on some bikes, they may require maybe a bike adapter bar or something like that, so they keep the wheels level.

Well, this feature, allowing you to adjust these arms independently, is going to accommodate for that. For example, if your mountain bike has maybe a slanted top bar, and you want to keep those wheels as level as possible, so that way it's not going to interfere with your bottom bike. You can adjust these up and down just to accommodate that. Not only do the arms adjust independently, but these cradles adjust independently, as well. They slide back and forth along the arms, again, to maybe different width of handlebars. If you have a road bike handlebar, maybe you could have them closer in, so that way the majority of the weight is still hugging the wall, or if you have those wide mountain bike handlebars, you'll need to slide this toward the end, so the handlebars aren't coming into contact with your wall. Again, also accommodating a wide variety of styles and sizes are these small adapter pieces that are actually inside of the cradle.

That's just going to give you some extra height adjustment and this gap is a little bit thinner, whereas this one is a little bit wider. Again, accommodates to different sizes and styles of bike tubes. Both of the cradles have that removable adapter, so maybe if your bike frame starts off thicker up towards the forks and head of the bike, and then starts to taper down as it goes toward the seat post, maybe you'll have the adapter removed for the front part of the bike, and then this here to accommodate that tapered in bike frame near the seat post. It's 84 inches tall by 30 inches wide by 20 inches deep, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Now, we'll go ahead and load up some bikes. Now, when loading up the bikes, I'm going to start with the bottom one, that way I can adjust the top set of arms to accommodate the height of the bikes. Basically, what I'm going to do is, I'm just going to pick up a bike, set it on here and then adjust the height from there. We'll simply take the bike and just kind of . You're can see that I'm going to need to lift these up a little bit. Just like I showed you earlier, we'll loosen up those knobs, raise these up a little bit. This is kind of a good example of what I was talking about earlier, the bike frame starting to taper a little bit. You can see right here, it's a little bit fatter, then as we start to come down, it starts to thin out just a tad, so I'm actually going to remove this adapter piece here, allowing the fatter part of the bike frame up here to rest in this, and then the thinner part to rest in here. Now, for our second bike, I know that I'm going to need to raise these arms up. Just going to give us some extra space, so that our tires aren't resting on our bike. Our bike also has kind of a slanted frame, so I'm going to make some adjustments here to accommodate for that. We'll simply take our bike, and place it into the cradles. Now that we've got both of our bikes loaded up, that will complete today's review of the Gear Up Platinum Steel Gravity Bike Stand, part number GU33060. .

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