Gear Up OakRak Floor-to-Ceiling Bike Storage Rack Review

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Review of the Gear Up OakRak Floor-to-Ceiling Bike Storage Rack

Today we'll be taking a look at the Gear Up Oakrak, this is a floor to ceiling bike storage rack. It has a capacity of two bikes in color Sedona Red part no. GU20095R. The bike storage rack is also available in Golden Pecan with part no. GU20095. Its available with an unfinished look with part no. GU20095U and it's also available in Dark Walnut with part no.

GU20095W. The BUA or bikes up and away system stores your bike out of the way. The gear up bike storage rack is a floor to ceiling or FTC mounting system. It enables easy relocation of your rack. The base plate provides stability on any surface to ensure a tight fit between the floor and the ceiling. The solid oak top plate uses compression foam at each corner to help protect the ceiling from any damage. The top and bottom extension components adjust to accommodate ceiling heights from seven feet to ten feet.

This has a furniture grade American red oak construction that's going to provide durability and the hand-rubbed Sedona Red finish complements many interiors. The storage arms adjust to fit almost any style of bike, which is a great feature to have. The bike's storage arms are made from a carbon steel and they're coated in vinyl. This is going to allow them to gently cradle the bike and protect the paint and finish. Another great feature of this bike storage system is that it comes completely equipped with everything to hold two bikes. This will hold up to four bikes with the Gear Up at a Bike Kit part no. GU20080 which is sold separately. Our bike is already equipped with a bike wheel strap to help hold our wheel in place but this bike storage system does come with two black wheel straps.

They will offer the same function as what our blue strap is doing. One of the accessories we want to show you is the Gear Up Sports Equipment Storage Basket. This is for the Oakrak Floor to Ceiling or free standing bike storage rack, that's available and sold separately with part no. GU22019. It's going to hold off our biking gear. That way we can conveniently keep everything that goes with our bikes in one location. Now we're going to show you how to install the bike storage rack.

Keep in mind that you can install this in a variety of rooms whether it's a basement, a garage, or storage room, or just your regular standard room, anywhere with a floor to ceiling distance of seven feet to ten feet. One of the first steps we need to do is install our compression pads here on the top board. This is going to keep any damage from happening to our ceiling. It has adhesive backing so we just stick it on there. Push it into place and it holds itself on there. We're going to mount our bike storage rack right in this space. I'm going to go ahead and lay our base down that way it's ready to receive or bike storage rack. What I'm doing is I'm fitting the feet of the bike storage rack into the slots on the base. Now we'll take the top of our rack and fit it into place. We will go and make sure that everything is lined up the way it should be and then we can come down to the bottom and tighten our feet. One of the great features about this system is you can move this feet independently to help level out your bike storage rack. We're using a crescent wrench today to help tighten our feet, just twisting them into place. It kind of work the same way as a screw. We just want to twist them until we feel like our bike storage system is tight in between our floor and our ceiling. When we shake our bike storage rack you can see that the base and the top are fully secure. The bike hangers that hold our bikes are adjustable. If you look along the edge here you can see all the different mounting holes that provides so many different options for us to choose from. For straight frame bikes you want to make sure that your hangers are straight across from each other. Now if you have a slanting bike or a child's bike you can off-set your hangers to fit the frame of that style. To finish up our demo we're going to go ahead and load a couple different styles of bikes. We have a road bike here that we're going to put on top and then we're going to put our mountain bike with our slanted frame here at the bottom. That's going to complete today's review of the Gear Up Oakrak Floor To Ceiling Bike Storage Rack with a two bike capacity in color Sedona Red part no. GU20095R.

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