Gear Up Hang 2 Kayak Strap Storage System Review

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Review of the Gear Up Hang 2 Kayak Strap Storage System

Today, we'll be taking a quick look at the Gear Up Hang-2 Deluxe Kayak Strap Storage System with the 2-kayak capacity, part number GU44009. This kayak storage rack can be used and installed on a wall or on your ceiling. Can be used in indoor or outdoor applications. It has heavy duty stainless steel J-hooks and S-hooks which hold all the weight, so real heavy duty hooks to hold your kayaks up. Also are the heavy duty nylon woven straps with the plastic buckles which are going to align 0:00:36 to quickly secure and unload your kayak, these kayaks. Just help keep your kayaks up off the floor and on the way.

You can hold them vertically or on their side just to give you more space in your garage or in your shed. It has a weight capacity of 90 pounds and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Now, we'll quickly go ahead and show you how to install it. Now, when you're deciding an area to install the kayak rack, you want to make sure that you're installing it into a beam or some type of crossmember 0:01:07 that can hold up to 200 pounds. You can see that the screws that we have here on this plywood that's drilled to the wall. We've already located our studs, so I'm going to do is just measure from a fixed point just to make sure we get both placements for the J-hooks equal no both sides.

There's kind of a crease here where the two pieces of drywall meet. I'm just going to measure from that crease just to make sure that I can get them level on both sides. I'll do the same for the other side. Now, using a 1/8 drill bit, we'll be drilling a pilot hole about an inch deep. Now that we got our pilot holes drilled, we're ready to install our J-hooks.

Now that we got both of our J-hooks installed, we're ready to install the strap. Basically, all we need to do is take the vinyl-coated hook and hook that around the J-hook. We need to make sure that the loop or where this black buckle is, is facing the front, so you don't want it like this where it's facing the wall. Make sure that it's facing the front. We'll unravel the strap and so, there's two sets of straps because this is a 2-kayak storage rack. If you can see the end of this buckle, it doesn't have a strap on the end.

We need to install the strap on this end. Basically, when you install it and then uninstall it, all you'll need to do is just separate the two buckles. We'll go ahead and install the strap on this part of the buckle here. Then we'll do the same thing for the bottom buckle. We'll repeat the same process for the other J-hook. We'll begin our kayak loading process starting at the top and just undoing the two buckles. Now, when you're deciding to load up your kayaks, you want to make sure that the heaviest kayak is at the bottom. Now, with our extra set of hands, we'll place our kayak up into our storage rack. We'll lean it up on it's side, grab the buckles on the bottom side and snap them into the buckle at the top. Want to make sure that the kayak is even, so that the weight is kind of dispersed and we'll go ahead and tighten them up just to raise it up a bit. Now, you don't want to tighten them too tight, you can see these loops here at the top. These loops are designed to hold your paddle, so you want to make sure to give them just enough space so the paddle is in 0:04:40, come in contact with your kayak. One thing to keep in mind when loading up your kayaks is that the straps are two different lengths. One side is going to be able to make a larger hoop and then the other side is going to be able to make a smaller hoop. You can see here we have a whole bunch of slack and then a little bit of slack on this side. Basically, the straps are designed to accommodate different sides of the kayak, so one with the larger hoop usually designed for the rear of the kayak. The one with the smaller hoop usually designed for the front of the kayak. So we got our kayaks all loaded up, we'll go ahead and load up our paddle. Now that we got our kayaks up off the ground and out of the way, that will complete today's review of the Gear Up Hang-2 Deluxe Kayak Strap Storage System, part number Gu44009. .

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