Gear Up Hang 1 Kayak Storage System Review

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Review of the Gear Up Hang 1 Kayak Storage System

Today, we'll be taking a quick look at the Gear Up Hang 1 delux kayak storage system with a one kayak capacity, part number GU44008. Now, you can see that we got our kayak all loaded up. It's a quick, easy and convenient way to install your kayak up on the wall and get it out of the way from the floor. It has these nice holes that's designed to accommodate your paddle. They have the adjustable buckle straps again to adjust to different sized kayaks. You can use this kayak mounting system on the ceiling or on the wall and can be used indoors or outdoors.

It has a carrying capacity of one kayak with a weight capacity of 50 pounds and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Now, we'll go ahead and show you how to install it. Now, here on our garage wall, we're going to pinpoint and lock two locations that we can install our J hooks. Typically, you'll want to install your J hooks about four to six feet apart accommodating your most widest kayak depending on how long the length of the kayak is. For today's demonstration, you can see that the board that we have set up here is nowhere near four to six feet so we're just going to give you just a quick demonstration on how it installs. In figuring out a placement for your J hooks, you want to make sure that the J hook is actually being installed into a beam or a stud or any other structure so that it can hold up the weight of your kayak. What I'm going to do is you can see that we already have the screws that are in the beam so I'm going to use that line to figure out where I'm going to mark and install my J hooks.

I'm just going to measure up from these crease on both sides just to make sure that the J hooks that I install are leveled. Then you're going to take a 1/8 drill bit and drill a hole onto our markings about one inch deep. The reason why you want to do the one inch deep is because you don't want to go too far. You want to make sure that the threads of the J hooks dig really deep into the beams. Then we'll take our J hook and simply thread it into our pre-drilled hole. Now that we got both of our J hooks installed, we're ready to install our straps onto our kayak.

The way we're going to do this is you want to make sure that the rubber coated hooks is towards the wall and then the buckle is in the front. Basically, you're going to wrap this around so that way the hook is ready to hook onto that J hook. We'll go ahead and do that now, bring it around and there's these two plastic buckles, snap them into place, tighten the strap to the kayak. You want to make sure that when you're installing the straps that you get them basically as even as possible. That's just going to make sure that there's an even amount of stress on each hook. Now, you don't want to tighten it down all the way because there's this loop right here. This loop is designed to carry your paddle.

You want a little bit of slack basically when this is hanging up so that your paddle can be held in there. Then we'll just repeat the same process for the back of the kayak. Now that we got both of our straps in place, we're going to grab an extra set of hands to help us load our kayak. Now that we got our kayak all loaded up, what we're going to do is I'm going to lower it down just a tad. You can see that these loops that I talked about earlier are still kind of resting on the kayak and we want those loops to be above the kayak again giving you that room and you're free to load up your paddle. You can unload the kayak from an storage system just as quickly as you loaded it up. All you got to do is load the kayak up, undo the two buckles and you're ready to go. That will complete today's review of the Gear Up Hang 1 delux kayak strap storage systemm part number GU44008. .

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