Gear Up Lean Machine Gravity Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Gear Up Lean Machine Gravity Bike Rack

Today, we'll be taking a quick look at the gearup Lean Machine Gravity Bike Storage Rack, with a two bike capacity, part number GU40090. The Lean Machine Gravity Bike Stand holds two bikes in your garage, apartment or studio. The term, Gravity Bike Stand, means that there's no drilling, no tools, or anything required to mount the rack, or mount the stand to your wall. All you need, is just the wall to lean it up against, and the two pegs down at the bottom. When the bikes are in the cradles, the weight is pushed down, and actually pushed down on the legs of the stand, which makes the stand hug against the wall, which is pretty nice. You don't have to put any holes or any drilling or anything like that to secure it to your wall. If you would like to install it on your wall, there is a hardware kit that comes with it.

How this works Is that these actually go around the rail up at the top of the bike stand. The rail will go through here. You'll pinch that together. This will go into your dry wall. The screw will go through here, and basically give you a more fixed bike stand.

So again, what you would do, is basically pry it open, and get it around the bar. You'll go back up towards the top, like that. This is actually what you would go actually though the dry wall, and then you would take this screw to go through the holes. This plastic piece is what's going to actually anchor it into your dry wall. Again, another cool option if you decided that you wanted to make it a fixed stand, instead of having the ability to move it around. The cradle arms of this bike stand are pretty neat.

They're easily adjustable by simply turning this black thumbwheel here. You can raise or lower the cradle arms or turn them. Maybe if you had an alternate frame, or maybe some of the suspension components are in the way You can tilt it outward or tilt it inward, to accommodate those fluctuating designs or fluctuating sizes of the bike frame. Now, the frame cradles of the bike stand are coated in this nice rubber paint. If you have a carbon powder bike frame, or even just a real nice finish on your bike That rubber's going to protect it from any scratches or abrasions. Another neat thing about the cradle arms being able to adjust independently, is that again, it gives you a way to accommodate those varying bike styles.

For example, if your bike frame maybe has a slanted top tube, you can adjust these cradles to basically make your two tires level. That way, if you're loading maybe the bike with the slanted tube on the top set of bars or the top set of cradle arms, you want to make sure that both of your tires are level, so that way they're not resting on the seat or resting on the handlebars or anything like that, of the lower bike. Now, moving to the bottom of the bike stand, you can see that there's these nice black rubber caps that are on the legs of the stand. These are designed to help it grip on the floor, and also give you some protection. If you do have it in your apartment or your studio, you got some tile or hardwood flooring These rubber caps are going to protect it from any scratches or abrasions. Now, I'll go ahead and load up a bike. We'll simply just pick up our bike, and place the frame of our bike into the frame cradles. Now, I'll go ahead, and load up the second bike. You can kind of see that the distance between the two sets of cradle arms is small, so we know that the top bike is going to be coming in contact. So I'm going to go ahead and raise these up a bit, just to give us that extra room. The Lean Machine is made of a heavy-duty, powder coated, steel tube construction that resists scratches and rust. It has a carrying capacity to have two bicycles, with a weight capacity of 100 pounds. It measures 84 inches tall by 30 inches wide by 24 inches deep, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Now, they've got both of our bikes all loaded up, that'll complete today's review of the gearup Lean Machine Gravity Bike Storage Stand, part number GU40090. (music).

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