Gear Up OakRak Freestand Bike Storage Rack Review

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Review of the Gear Up OakRak Freestand Bike Storage Rack

Today well be taking a quick look at the Gear Up OakRak Freestand Bike Storage with a 2-bike capacity in dark walnut part number GU20093W. This bike stand has a hand rubbed dark walnut finish that compliments most interiors. It has a maximum weight capacity of up to 200 pounds which is 100 pounds per side if you purchase the 4-bike edition which is part number GU20080W. It measures 80 inches tall by 28 inches wide by 28 inches deep and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This freestanding great American Red Oak bike stand holds two bikes in your home, office, studio or apartment, but it also has the ability to be converted in a 4-bike stand by the purchase of two other sets of these rubber-coated hooks. Now its a freestanding bike stand with a short base, that means in your home or office or in your studio where space is limited, the feet of the stand dont actually come out too far so that you can fit it into those small spaces. Now on the bottoms of the feet, there are these black rubber caps. Now depending on if you have any hardwood floors or tile, these plastic caps are going to help prevent your floor from being scratched.

You can see that these can twist out or tighten up allowing for fluctuation in the flooring. If you have the stand on an uneven surface, you can actually adjust these pegs here independently just to make sure that your stand is completely level. Moving up on the bike stand are the independently adjusting frame cradles or frame hooks. You can see that theres holes actually up and down the whole entire length of the stand allowing you to accommodate any sized bike, any style of bike and alternate frames or bikes with crazy suspension components. Now the cradles here are coated in a nice vinyl coating. Thats just going to help prevent the hooks from scratching your bike frame and damaging any sensitive material such as carbon fiber or composite. Included with this bike stand is the Allen wrench which is used to put the stand together and also to adjust the independently moving frame hooks.

What well do is well basically just show you how to do that real quick. Well use this tool to basically loosen up these Allen bolts. Youll notice that in between the longer portion of the stand, theres these smaller blocks and you want to be careful that when youre removing the screws that the block doesnt fall out. Im just giving you a heads up. Now just depending on where we want to move our frame cradle, we can take the smaller block and position it, line up the holes and then well just take our screws out, reinsert them in the holes and tighten them down, but the bike that were going to be loading up on the bottom set of cradles, were going to leave them level. Now well go ahead and load up a bike.

Basically well just simply take our bike, lift it up and place the frame onto the rubber-coated frame hooks. Make sure that you get the pedals out of the way so its not damaging the wood finish. Now also included with this stand are these hook and loop straps here. What these are designed to do is if you so choose, you can take these straps and actually wrap them around the front wheel of your bike basically so you dont have the handlebars going ever which way. You can take one of these straps, go around the inside of the rim, wrap it back around the frame and secure it. Now you can see the way that I placed the top set of frame cradles, I staggered them down a little bit. You can see that our mountain bike here has a slanted frame.

If I wouldve put them leveled, what wouldve happened is that the tires would have been actually resting on that bottom bike. Now that we got both of our bikes all loaded up, thatll complete todays review of the Gear Up OakRak Freestand Bike Storage Rack in dark walnut part number GU20093W. .

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