Gear Up Extreme HD Kayak Cart Review

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Review of the Gear Up Extreme HD Kayak Cart

Speaker 1: Today we'll be taking a look at the Gear Up Extreme Heavy-Duty Water Sport Cart with a 200-lb capacity, part number GU44130. This water sport cart will allow you to carry up to one kayak, canoe or small boat. It is made of aluminum, it is really lightweight. It's going to reduce rust and corrosion. You can see it has these four rubber bumpers here on the top, so when your boat or your kayak or canoe is resting on the bumpers it's not going to cause any scratches or abrasions to the surface of your kayak. They also move back and forth to accommodate any holes of different shapes.

It's also going to help grip it when you're loading your kayak up, it's going to help kind of grip it in place especially when you bring the straps around, they do have some give in it, so when the straps are real nice and tight, it's going to cradle the kayak really nice. On the legs or the bottom of the trolley here, you can see there's these nice rubber caps on top. So, basically, when you're bringing your boat or your kayak up from the water and you're setting it down, it's going to help grip the concrete. This trolley is fully collapsible. Which means that when you get down to the water, and you unload your boat, you can take it apart really easily and fold it up, maybe stick it in your boat, and the wheels pop of easily by popping off this pen here.

When assembled, the dimensions are 28 inches by 18 inches by 16 inches. It weighs 9 lbs and comes with unlimited lifetime warranty. Now we'll go ahead and load up our kayak. What we'll need to do is first kind of get the kayak centered over the trolley, and we'll just lift it up and place it onto the cart. Now you notice that the front of the kayak is touching the ground so we want to get it as centered as possible.

Now, underneath on the hole of the kayak, you just want to double check to make sure that those rubber pads are resting on the bottom part of the kayak. So now we're kind of got it centered, we'll go ahead and whip out the included straps to secure it to the trolley. We'll need to bring the straps through the bars in the inside of the cart and them bring them up around to the top part of the kayak. We'll then insert the end of the strap into the silver canned buckle and pull it tight. We'll then throw the excess strap back into the kayak.

Then we'll go ahead and finish off with the other strap. Now, you can see on the bottom side of the canned buckle, is this leather-protective padding. It's going to prevent your kayak or your boat from being scratched. Now that we got our boat all loaded up, that completes todays review of the Gear Up Extreme Heavy-Duty Water Sport Cart, part number GU44130. .

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