Gear Up Extra Bike Kit Review

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Review of the Gear Up Extra Bike Kit

Today we'll be taking a quick look at the Gear Up Extra Bike Add-On Kit for the Oakrak Floor-to-Ceiling or Free-Standing bike storage rack and wall nut Part Number GU20080W. Basically, this add-on kit allows you to add an additional bike to the back side of your storage rack. This extra bike add-on kit is identical to the frame cradles that come with the Oakrak. They have the vinyl coated hooks when your bike's resting in it. Those vinyl coated hooks, they're going to protect your bike's finish. The add-on kit does come with the two blocks that allow you to install them basically anywhere along the length of the rack.

It does come with the four bolts which will screw into the side of the rack and also the Allen tool to secure them. Now when putting this add-on kit onto the rack, it will need to be on the opposite side as you won't be able to get another bike on that side. Basically, we'll just show you how to quickly install it. The extra bike add-on kit is going to install the same way that the cradles with the Oakrak installed. We'll need to slide in that wood block and then we'll put the frame cradle up and install the hardware. Now with everything all tightened down and secured you can see that with our Oak Storage Rack we have added the ability to carry three bikes. Now we'll go ahead and load some bikes.

That'll complete today's review of the Extra Bike Add-On Kit for the Oakrak Floor-to-Ceiling or Free Stand Bike Storage Racks, Part Number GU20080W. .

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