Gear Up Extra Bike Kit Review

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Review of the Gear Up Extra Bike Kit

Hey, guys. My name is Matt. I'm just one of the video guys here at Today we'll be quickly going over the 1 Bike Add-on Kit for the OakRak Floor-to-Ceiling or Freestanding Bike Stand. This is part number Gu20080r. The extra bike kit increases the bike capacity to your OakRak Freestanding Bike Storage Rack by one.

The oak construction provides superior stability and a Sedona red finish complement interiors where the stand may be set. The black PVC-coated cradles ensure that your bikes won't be scratched, it also comes with the hardware and tool needed to install it. Has a weight capacity of 50 pounds and is made in the USA. You can see here we have the OakRak in the red stain finish. What we'll start off doing is basically just take these blocks that comes with it and inserting them in between the two longer ones, now this add-on kit does install on the opposite side of your bike stand, so you can see that we have the two one side and for instance today's demonstration, we only have three bikes, so we'll just going to be installing one and I'm going to install it kind of on the center. Basically, just take the included hardware that goes with it, put it into the holes, keep in mind when you are installing the cradle arm, you want to only give one hole of space in between the two bolts. You will have to squeeze it together just to get it in place.

Then they do give you an Allen wrench with the add-on kit, so we'll go ahead and tighten these down. Now that we got the tips of the screws going through the backside, I'll go ahead and slide this block in. The reason why I leave just a little bit out because that's just going to help me hold the block in place, so then now all I got to do is just tighten it down. Now that we got this one in place, depending on what kind of bike you're going to be loading up on the back side, whether it is a straight frame, alternative frame, slanted of the frame, that's just going to depend on where you place your second cradle. For today, I'm just going to place it adjacent to this one, so I'll go ahead and install the second one now. Now we can go ahead and load up some bikes. You want to be careful in placing on the bike on the opposite side of the stand, you want to be careful that the handle bars of that bike don't interfere with any sensitive parts such as the spokes or sprocket.

Now that we got our bikes all loaded up and out of the way. That'll complete today's review of the Gear Up Extra Bike Add-on Kit for the OakRak Floor-to-Ceiling or Freestand Bike Rack, part number Gu20080r. .

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