Gear Up Platinum Double Down Bike Stand Review

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Review of the Gear Up Platinum Double Down Bike Stand

Today we'll be taking a quick look at the Gear Up Platinum Double Down Park Bike Stand with a 2-bike capacity. Part number GU33030. This Gear Up Bike Stand is a great way to reduce the amount of storage space that you're going to need when it comes time to store your bikes or put away your bikes after you finish riding. Now the way that this works is basically you can load bikes opposing each other which is how this is set up now. Or you can actually flip this part of the rack around and you can have them next to each other. Now the bike stand does accommodate women's bikes, children's bikes, road bike tires, mountain bike tires. It holds up the tires that are about 29 inches tall and also up to 2 and 3-quarters of an inch wide. The stand itself measures 24 inches wide by 22 inches deep by 22 inches tall and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Now what we'll go ahead and do is just show you how to load up some bikes. Basically we'll just lift the tire up, set it right down into the stand. Then we'll come around the opposite side of the rack and insert the front tire of our second bike into this part of the stand. Now what we're going to do is basically show you how to switch the stand around so that actually you can have the bikes next to each other. What we'll need to do is basically just remove the silver bolts here and then the two at the end. We'll go ahead and do that now.

Now basically I'm just going to flip it around, insert it into these holes. Now you can see that we have both of the wheel cradles switched around to where the bikes will loaded in one way. Using the Gear Up Platinum Double Down Park Bike Stand, that will complete today's review of part number GU33030. .

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