Gear Up Simple Man Bike Work Stand Review

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Review of the Gear Up Simple Man Bike Work Stand

Today well be taking a quick look at the Gear Up Simple Man Bike Work Stand part number GU40014. The height of this bike stand could be adjusted to three different settings. We can do this by loosening up and removing this black hand knob and the silver bolt. Now you can see that theres a hole here, a hole that were setting at now and then another one here. The ability that it gives you to change the height, this is going to depend on what area of the bike that youre actually going to be working at. What well do is well line up the holes, insert that silver bolt into the holes, make sure the square piece on the head fits in there because thats whats going to act as the tightening part of it like so, then well go ahead and thread on the black hand knob. Now that we got our setting set on our bike stand, well go ahead and show you how to load up a bike. The first thing we need to do is just undo the strap.

Well need to push in on this black button here which is going to free up the catching device so we can free the strap from the buckle. Well simply pick up our bike and place it into the bike stand. Now you can see the way that this bike stand is designed is it has this little lip here, thats just going to help put pressure on the bottom part of the bike and hold it in place. Also you can see the black rubber pads that goes the whole entire length of the part of the rack thats coming in contact with your bike. Thats going to protect it from any scratches or abrasions. Now that we have the strap in place, well simply bring it around and insert the end back into that buckle.

You can hear it ratcheting which is going to help secure it and then well pull it tight. Now the way that this bike stand is designed is it gives you free motion of your pedals and sprocket and crank so that way you can easily lubricate all these components and you dont have to worry about lifting the bike up and going all the way around. That way everything is lubricated nicely and evenly and again, if you have basically any other maintenance or lubrication that needs to be done, maybe internally, you can take everything all out.It comes with a nice spare part and tool container and the container, you can see theres these bars that run here on the stand. Theres a little slot on the back. Basically it just clamps on.

Wherever youre working on the bike, whatever part of the bike youre working on, all the little tiny components or small nuts and bolts can fit right into this box and also maybe the Allen wrenches or smaller tools that youre using as well.Then depending on what side of the bike Im working on, say Im working on one side, I need to move to the other side, all I got to do is basically pop this box off, can walk completely around the bike, clamp it back on and Im ready to go to be working on this side of the bike. Now again we have the bike stand on the highest setting, but if we we're or if we wanted to maybe work up towards the taller parts of the bike, maybe the seat post, maybe the neck or front of the bike, working on the forks, maybe near the handlebars or the brakes, all we got to do is basically again just remove that black knob, lower the stand down and were right there waist level ready to work on those different components of the bike.Now we went ahead and lowered the height of our bike stand and here at a great level where we can adjust our brakes, adjust our calipers, maybe were going to mess with the neck of the bike, maybe adjust the handlebars. This stand is very versatile. It allows you to basically work on any sized bike, any style of bike and has that height adjustment so that you can work on any area of the bike as well.Now that weve got the maintenance all done on our bike and everything is all nice and lubricated, we can go ahead and take the bike off by pushing in on that button again, undoing the strap and just lifting the bike directly out of the stand, strap it back over and then all we got to do is grab it by the mast here, lift it up, you can see the two pieces come together, the stand folds in and then basically that allows for nice compact storage. Youre not going to have the legs all folded out like that taking up a whole bunch of room.

Its going to be nice and compact.Now with our bike all cleaned up and our gear stand put away, that will complete todays review of the Gear Up Simple Man Bike Work Stand part number GU40014. .

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