Gear Up Adjustable Tie Down Straps Review

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Review of the Gear Up Adjustable Tie Down Straps

Today we'll be taking a quick look at the Gear Up adjustable tie-down straps, part number GU44001. These cam buckle tie-down straps have a wide variety of uses. They're made of a heavy-duty nylon and they have this pad here where the silver cam buckle is going to rest on that tab. For example if you're going to be using the strap to go around any materials that you don't want to scratch up, dent or damage the paint, for example, today, our set-up, we have a kayak up on the roof of our vehicle in a J-style kayak carrier. When we bring that buckle around, that pad is going to protect the surface of our kayak. This part number does come with a two-pack which is going to allow us to securely hold our kayak in place in our kayak rack. These straps are made out of a heavy-duty nylon which is going to help resist mold and mildew.

These straps measure one inch wide by thirteen feet long. The way that the cam buckle strap works is because it doesn't have any hooks on either end, you have to bring the strap around your item or your cargo and secure it back in the buckle which is going to cut that length in half, giving you about six and a half feet to secure your cargo to your vehicle. Again, there's a wide variety of uses for these Gear Up tie-down straps. Today we have this kayak all loaded up on a J-style kayak rack and I'm going to be securing this kayak to the rack. Here at the back of the rack, I'm going to insert one end of the strap around the back loop. Then I'm just going to toss the strap over the other side of the kayak.

Just be careful when throwing the buckle over. You don't want it to go down too far and then hit the top of your roof. With that done, I'll just repeat the same process for the back. Now, over here on the other side of the kayak, I'm going to bring the strap around the underside of our cross bar and take the other end up to the silver cam buckle, press in on the silver tab and feed the end of the strap up through it and pull it tight. Now that I got that all secured, I'll just tie off the excess strap. Then we'll just repeat the same process for the back strap. Now that we've got our kayak all loaded up and secured using the Gear Up adjustable tie-down straps, that will complete today's review of part number GU44001.


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