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GasStop Propane Emergency Shut-Off Safety Valve Review

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Review of the GasStop Propane Emergency Shut-Off Safety Valve

Today, we're gonna be taking a look at some gas stop emergency shutoff valve. So we're gonna have two different kinds, but the gauge is gonna be the same on both. Basically the difference between the two different kinds is your application. The one that we have here, is gonna have a POL connection, so this is gonna be for your motor homes and your RVs where you have tanks that are already pre-put inside your rig, that are gonna stay there. But we have another one that's gonna have an ACME fitting, which is gonna be for your travel trailers and your fifth wheels. Basically, it's just for the tanks that are removable on those different types of rigs, but they both work the exact same.

So let's show you. We have a little test right now. So basically, we're gonna just show you how it works, how the gauge is gonna move down. So let's just say we just hooked up everything, and we want to send the gas through our lines. So depending on how big your travel trailer is, we're gonna have to press this, but since we really don't have a whole lot of line behind this we're only gonna have to do it once, but when you press it down, it's gonna engage the mechanism letting the gas flow through, but this is gonna stimulate a major major leak.

So it literally has gas on one side of it, but it's preventing it from flowing through because there is a major leak. And then once you fix the leak, press it down and then we're good to go. So what we're gonna do now is just go through the situation of you just got this at your doorstep, from etrailer and we're gonna just check and make sure that we don't have a leak. So what we're gonna do is kinda, take this screwed on just like any other. And this is gonna go in between our propane tank and our line.

So now we have our other one, which these are also gas stops. So if you really wanna upgrade everything, we have stainless steel hoses, but also just these normal hoses. The nice thing about the gas stuff we do have a 90 degree, so I really recommend if you're gonna upgrade, might as well get new hoses. So now what we're gonna do since it's all hooked up, we're going to open up our gas, and we're going to press it down. We are gonna have to cycle through a decent amount, just because we have a decent amount of lines.

What we're gonna do is just kinda walk away for a little bit and if this needle starts to go down whenever we come back, it's gonna let us know if we have a leak. So we're gonna wait a little bit to see if we have a leak, I don't think we do but it's always safe to check. And our needle really hasn't moved. So now we know that there is no tiny minor leak on the inside of our trailer, so this is just gonna give me peace of mind. Just knowing that the gas isn't filling up my whole entire trailer, is just something that I think is a necessity when it comes to your propane systems, why not buy something that gives you peace of mind One, you're not gonna fill this thing up with propane and harm somebody. Two, it's just gonna save a propane. So I definitely think that this is something you need to have whenever you are traveling with your propane. As far as the construction goes, it's very very quality. We have the same exact gauge on both, and all of them are gonna be made of brass. So this isn't really some dinky little product, it's gonna last over the years of use, and that is something I really like. I like to spend my money on something that's really gonna last, and this gas stop products is definitely made with quality material, it's gonna last us a long time. The only thing you really need to figure out is just what kind of rig that you have, if you have a travel trailer like this, with the propane's outside, we're gonna go with the ACME fitting. If we have a motor home or RV, we can go ahead and use the POL connection. It all just depends on what you guys got, but this is something that you install, and you'll reap the benefits every single time that you go and check your propane, whenever you're going up on the trip. That's basically it for a look at the gas stop propane emergency shutoff valve..

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