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Gama Side Sportsbar Storage Bags Review - Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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Review of the Gama Side Sportsbar Storage Bags on a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today we're going to be checking out the XG Cargo Gama Side Storage Bags. Now when it comes to extra space in these Jeeps, they're pretty small, and you don't really have a ton of room to keep a bunch of extra things. And so the storage space is really limited. So, whatever you can do to increase how much you can carry is definitely a nice bonus. And especially if you can utilize space that is otherwise not used.

And that's exactly what these bags are going to do. So they're going to be attached to your roll bar here and give you a pretty good amount of room. That way you can carry some extra belongings with you. So these are going to be sold as a pair. So you're going to have one for your passenger side and your driver's side, and just like pretty much any accessory you put on a Jeep, I think these look really cool.

They kind of match that tough look. Kind of almost have a tactical look to them. And these are designed too, to work, whether you have the hard top or roof rather, on or off, so you can kind of roll with them either way. And there's really no permanent modification required to use these things. Super straightforward, just push, push the bracket into your roll bar.

Right up here, you just pop it in. And then you're going to have one little screw down here that you pull out and do that. A couple of straps and that's how it's secure. And there's a little bit of movement there, but nothing crazy. So I feel confident, going off-road with these things, or just driving down the interstate, like any other day.

So after kind of messing around with the bag for a little bit, it seems like it would last, kind of hold up for a while. It's made from what they call a ballistic nylon. To me, it feels like a really tough book bag, almost, kind of has that feel to it. So I think it'd be real difficult to kind of tear this or really beat it up too bad. Cause I know typically in these Jeeps, people aren't the easiest on them, so this should hold up well. There is some webbing, up here on the front, where you could put other accessories or whatever you might have that fit in there. So a nice touch. And then on the front as well, on the very bottom corner, there's a small pocket there. You could put some little ins and outs in there. Maybe your keys or something like that, whenever you're not using them. But, more importantly, let's check out the inside. This has a nice thick zipper, don't feel they're like real flimsy or anything like that. And on the inside, it gives you a pretty good amount of space actually. It's .38 cubic foot per bag. So you can cram quite a bit of stuff in here actually. We just put a few things in here to kind of give you an idea of what you can fit. I mean, we could clearly fit a lot more, but just kind of give you an idea. We got a flashlight, tire repair kit, some gloves, a strap. So it could work out good for those, those emergency repairs or something like that. You have kind of a key chain holder there. We just got our trailer tester on it. So what I can think of is using it for, those emergency type repairs or, I mean, anything you want really. So top there, we're going to have some webbing, and a decent amount of room above it. You're just going to have several different sized pockets. So these might be good for tools or flashlights, or something like that. This pocket down here is relatively large. So you could put just about whatever you want in here. So, a convenient little space, and something I could personally see myself using if I had a Jeep. So something that is pretty cool about these actually is they're portable. Alright, so you can take this off the bracket, and take it with you, super easy. Up top, there's going to be a hook and loop strap. Let's peel that apart. Same thing back here. And we're going to have two buckles that go around your roll bar. Just unbuckle those. Then you can kind of just work this thing out of here. Nice little handle on it. And bring it with you wherever you're going. I could see myself using something like this, really. If you had a hobby that you did a lot, so personally, I like to go fishing a lot, and you have your tackle, your poles, whatever. But you might have some ins and outs, let's say a lamp, or extra pole holders whatever the case may be, you can just leave that stuff in here. You always have it with you. You ain't gotta repack it every time and just pop it on and take it with you. But, it holds true for anything. Whether you hike or go camping or off-roading, whatever the case may be. It's nice that you can just pop this off and bring it where you need it to go. So one thing that I kind of just thought of, not a huge deal but it would be pretty neat, is if they would've given us a kind of an adapter for these two ends. These two straps is what goes around your roll bar. But it'd be really neat if you could plug one end to this connector, one end on this connector, and kind of have an adapter. That way you could kind of throw this over your shoulder if it's heavy or something, or you got your hands full, and carry it like this. I guess not really a huge deal, but something that I thought would be pretty cool. On the backside of the bag, you're going to have a couple extra small pockets and put some ins and outs in there. And I really like the feel of it actually. This doesn't feel like a cheap bag at all. It's actually pretty hard. The corners are solid. Same thing with the back. Really the only soft spot is on the front here, and that makes sense. You want some movement so you can open it up and everything. So, I mean, honestly I'd feel comfortable putting quite a bit of weight in here actually. I feel like if you had a ton of weight in here, you wouldn't have to worry about it just kind of falling through and tearing the bag up. So, good design. And I'm a fan of it. Even down to the straps and stuff that go around your roll bar, everything's just pretty well-made. Back of the padding is soft, but grippy, so, helps hold it in place and it's not going to scratch anything up. Buckle feels pretty high quality actually. Never really seen anything like this, but there's almost like a lock there, so once you tighten it down and adjust it how you want it, put that down, it's going to kind of help lock it into place. And even just the small things, there's a keeper here for your strap. That way if you have your roof off, you don't want all these straps blowing around in the wind and everything else, it kind of gets annoying. So, by using the keeper, you can pop that in there and prevent that from happening. So here's kind of a better look at the brackets that come with the bags just to help kind of support them. The ends are rubberized, all right. So up here, as well as down here. Pretty thick rubber actually it feels like. And that's there so when you're installing these or removing them, whatever, you're not going to scratch up your roll bar or anything like that. These are pretty thick metal actually, and relatively stable. There's a little bit of movement there, but that's okay. I mean, we're just carrying a bag. It's not like we have a thousand pounds in it or anything like that. So a little extra stability never hurt. And honestly let's say if you just left the bags at the house or whatever, and you're driving around without them installed, it don't really look funny or out of place or anything. It kind of flows with the roof line and kinda just blends in. So I did mention you get both sides, that way you can have a bag on your passenger side and the driver's side. And they're gonna be set up the same way. They're going to share those same features, have those same pockets, and give you that same amount of space. So you have an identical set and everything will be matching. So just to kind of compare these to some of the other ones, think these kind of have an advantage. The ones that I can think, right off the top of my head, are very similar to this, but they get mounted, kind of, here in the corner, underneath of our roll bar. And they just use straps to go around the roll bar. There's no brace or anything. So, there is quite a bit of movement there. And it's cool. But honestly I think with two of them like this, it's got to kind of obstruct your view when you're looking out of the rear-view mirror. And I feel like just with these being mounted over here, you just better utilize that dead space to give you the same amount of storage. So at the end of the day, pretty, pretty neat accessory for the Jeep. I think they look pretty cool, and just frees up a little bit of extra space, so you can carry more things around with you, whether you plan on leaving those items in the Jeep, or taking them out on the go with you..

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