Furrion Vision S Side Camera with Marker Light Review

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Review of the Furrion Vision S Side Camera with Marker Light

Today, we're going to be taking a look at Furrion's vision S side camera, with marker light bracket.This marker like camera is going to be a great addition to your Furrion camera system. It'll help reduce blind spots on both sides of your vehicle.You can install these on either your camper, or RV. They'll simply go in place of one of your existing side markers. It's best to choose one toward the front so you get the most vision down the side of your camper or RV, and just like the standard camera that comes included with your Furrion camera system, you're going to get the same great quality from this camera, as well as have infrared LEDs for night vision, and the entire assembly itself is waterproof.Here inside, you can see on our display that it syncs right up with our existing system. We've got our left, and our right. Now, in order to get those to work, we did have to go in to the pairing mode here.

So we open up our menu, hit pairing. There you just select your camera, and on the camera itself, just hold down the pairing button that's located on the bottom side. Now you can select any of the cameras you have installed, or you can select view all, and watch all of them at once.To get your camera installed, it's as simple as removing your old marker light, wiring up your new one here. You have three wires on your camera. You have power, ground, and a trigger wire.

Since we've got ours wired up to our taillights, we just went ahead and took the trigger wire, and wired that to power as well, so whenever our lights are on, our camera is on.But you could also wire that trigger wire to let's say, a turn signal, so if you have your right turn signal on, here it would be blinking. Our camera would also come on automatically, inside on the display.Once you're got everything wired up, it simply mounts with two self tapping screws. These don't come included with the kit, but you could, most likely use the screws that came out of your existing marker lights.Here you can see our driver side camera in action as we make our way through the parking lot. And, it's just as easy to switch to the other side. We need to keep an eye on that side as well.Of course, you always have the option to turn on all of your cameras, to get that full view.And that completes our look at Furrion's Vision S side camera with marker lights..

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