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Fulton Wedge-Latch Cast Head Coupler Repair Kit Review

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Review of the Fulton Wedge-Latch Cast Head Coupler Repair Kit

Today we'll be having a look at the Fulton Repair Kit for Fulton Wedge-Latch, Cast-Head Couplers. Part number F670801. Now, our coupler repair kit here is a very cost effective and simple solution, letting us replace all the critical moving parts on our coupler assembly that can become worn out or damaged. It's a lot cheaper than replacing your entire coupler assembly, which is typically welded onto your trailer. It saves you time, it saves you money, and it gets you back on the road quickly. Now, this coupler is off of a trailer right now so we can easily flip it over to manipulate and show you what's going on. Now, since this is a brand new couple and the rivet would have to be cut off, we won't be doing that, but we'll explain how everything works.

Right here on the side, you can see a rivet head. If you had an angle grinder or a cut off wheel, you could cut this out, draw your pin out and then that'll free up your pivot point here. That rivet that we removed, that's what our new bolt and nylon lock nut replaces. These are a half inch bolt and a half in nut. Now, we'll open this back up here.

If you see right through here, you can see the end of the roll pin. Once you drive that roll pin out with a center punch and hammer, that frees up your threaded rod assembly from your latch. Your latch assembly, right here, would lift straight up off your coupler, and that will leave you with your ball catch, your threaded rod, and your spring. In order to remove those, you'll take your coupler and flip it over. You would just pull that straight on out. We have your new threaded rod already threaded on.

You want to make sure that your pin hole here is threaded on so that it's horizontal like this, longways. Drop on your new spring, drive it back into the bottom. Flip your coupler back over. Your threaded rod will be sticking up through the coupler. Drop it on like so.

Drive your roll pin on through the threaded rod. Once you have that all the way through, you would secure it where the rivet was with the nut and the bolt right here. Then, you would have a functioning coupler again. That completes our look at the Fulton Repair Kit for Fulton Wedge-Latch, Cast-Head Couplers. Part number F670801.

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