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Fulton Cable Lock Review

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Review of the Fulton Cable Lock

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we are looking at our Fulton 15 foot long cable lock here at etrailer. Now this cable lock is a really long cable lock and a great option to have. If you want to secure your bikes, your bike racks your bikes to bike stands, or even your other equipment on your camper, your RV, and just keeping things secure. And deter theft. This comes with two keys and it's very easy to use.

Just pop that key in there. And that allows you to remove this lock which then releases the two ends of your cable. And to lock it back up again. You can secure even without the keys attached, which is nice cause that makes it really quick and easy to use. Just to remember that since you can't lock it without your keys attach, hold on to your keys and try not to lose them.

Let's take a look at the cable itself. I do like how malleable it is and how easy it is to wrap around. Now the downside of that is that it is a little bit thinner than your more heavy duty cables like the Malone cable lock but then it's also very versatile. So that's a good thing too. Now this does have steel, braided steel inside it.

And it's coated with a vinyl coating just to help prevent scratches and corrosion. Taking a close look at the lock itself. I like how it feels. It feels strong. It feels sturdy.

It's a hefty lock, which is nice compared to maybe your barrel locks that look like they could be easy to pick. As you can see here with our 15 foot long cable lock we're able to really wrap it around our bikes. We have our front wheels protected. We have our frames protected. So if you have expensive bikes that you want to protect this is a good option cause you can really secure everything. But, if you are just carrying around two bikes and you don't need all the extra length, I recommend picking up our shorter options. I have it here wrapped around my bike that is on this bike stand. And while it does look a little bit like overkill, for one, it's protecting every single part of my bike. And for two, the main purpose of these cable locks is to deter theft. And if you compare one bike versus the other, you definitely will be avoiding the hassle of trying to grab this bike. But this one, which isn't locked up, is really easy for someone to just grab and roll away with. This doesn't just work for bike racks and bike stands. It also works if you have multiple bikes in your garage that you wanna keep secure. It works on your kayaks, on your roof racks, even on your bikes that are mounted to your camper. Just something to deter theft. Because of its long length, you can use it for a lot of different things. Look over here and you see there's this closed loop on one end. And this allows you to secure it at one point and use the rest of the 15 feet to secure whatever load, cargo, bikes, whatever you need secured. When you do attach your cable around your bike rack, what you need to do is usually bike racks have an attachment point somewhere. I like to use this attachment point here near the bottom of our Thule Hitching Post. And since this is a closed loop cable, we just pull it through this first. There you go. Make sure that's tight and from there we can wrap it around our bikes. So whatever you want to protect, if it's the wheels, wrap it around your wheels and then bring it through your frame. Now this is a long cable. So you're gonna have to wrap it around a lot of your bike. After looping it around your bike rack and your bikes, you can then secure it at the end and it snaps into place. Remove the keys and you can feel how secure it is and you're done. And that was a look at our Fulton 15 foot long cable lock here at

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