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Flush King RV Holding Tanks Reverse Flush Valve Review

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Review of the Flush King RV Holding Tanks Reverse Flush Valve

What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today, we'll be checking out the Flush King. It's gonna be a reverse flush valve for your black water tanks or sewer hoses. How this is going to work is it's got a clear elbow on this end. That's really going to help you out. When you go to flush things, you can see all the debris coming through. You can see when it's done and know when it's safe to unhook this.

So you don't have any spills or anything like that, but it also doubles up, as you can hook up a hose, and do a reverse flush just to get that tank nice and clean there on the inside. Let's check it out. We're going to run through the process of flushing out the tanks. So, we're going to do the standard way for our rig. One thing I want to point out though, is you want to open up this here, on the Flush King.

Pull that out. That way that gate's open, so that when you go to flush it, it's all going to come through. So we'll come through here on our rig side, pull the handle just like you normally would. So we're going to just go ahead and dump the tank first, before we do the reverse flush. You can see all that running through there.

You can easily see, it looks pretty clean, but we know when it's done, when the water stops flowing. With any other clear elbow setup, we'd be done. But because we have the Flush King, we can actually flush it out some more. So with that hose run there, we can open it up, shoot water into the black tank and let it flush back out again. It's just going to help us get that black tank really cleaned out.

So we're going to come down here. We left one of the valves open. That's the one on the rig side. We're going to close this up, because we don't need the water coming back out here yet. We're gonna turn this knob and that's going to turn the hose on and let that water flow through, into the black tank. So we're just going to go ahead and do that. You see the water's going through there. Filling up black tank, it's going to fill up because this valve was closed. So it's going to push it all towards that tank. Taking a closer look at it. Just wanted to show you with that valve closed, that water's building up here in the elbow, which is forcing that water into the black tank. So it's not just spraying the hose into the tank, it's pushing all that water up into that tank. And you definitely want to make sure you have the valve open on your tank side. Also it'd build up pressure, and this would come off. So you don't want to do that. At this point, we can turn off the hose. You hear it shut off there, and then I can open up this valve and just go ahead and flush the tank again. That was really easy to do. It made things far easier to have that hose already connected. I liked that we could flush it a second time back quickly. I mean, you know, I just threw that hose, The lever on that hose shot water in there, and it built up pretty quick. Came out. You saw how clean the actual water was on that. It was, so we've done this a few times today, and it's really cleaned that out. You just want that nice and clean. It's going to prevent odor buildup. Whatever's down in there. You don't want that stain down in there. That's going to get it out of there. And if you're winterizing and getting ready, you want to definitely get everything out of that tank so it's nice and clean for storage. Something that doesn't come with though, is the hose. That's a very important piece of this working. So make sure you get the proper hose that goes with this. We have them on our website on different sizes, just make sure you get the right one that's going to hook up to the Flush King and the hose side to flush that out. Now something that does come with is the backflow preventer here. It's an add-on that we screwed on and that's going to help prevent any backflow. So you don't want any of the bad water that's coming back through to come up through the hose. And maybe you get mixed up with the clean water, especially if we have a V connection like this, this prevents that from coming back in there and keeps it out. The Flush King is going to have a 3-inch diameter bayonet connection on the rig side. So that's got the most rigs and then it also has a 3-inch lug diameter. So that's for the connections. It's going to work with most hoses and most rigs, you shouldn't have a problem. It's also going to have seals on the inside on the connection points and that's just going to help out, make sure there's no leaking on there. You saw how we used it. There was no dripping or anything whatsoever from those connections. So, you know, it's going to be nice and tight. You're not going to worry about that. Overall, I really like it. It really made flushing that tank out easier and just put my mind at ease, kind of so I can do it again. Do it again, do it again. And you can see with that clear elbow, how clear that actually is. And you can be like, all right, I'm done. You can put it all away and get on with your day. Well, thanks for hanging out. And I hope this helped..

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