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FloTool Super Duty Drain Container Review

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Review of the FloTool Super Duty Drain Container

Today we're going to be taking a look at Flow Tool Super-Duty Fluid Drain Container. With a 24-quart capacity the part number is FT-42004. Here's what our super-duty drain pan is going to look like. Now this is a really nice drain pan. It's large enough where we can do multiple oil changes before we have to run to the recycling center or the parts store to drain out our oil. Now, as you can see, this drain pan is going to be an excellent solution for a lot of that spattering or that overrun that we typically get when we're doing oil changes whether it's in the garage, out on the driveway, whatever the case may be. There always seems to be that oil ring that's left behind. As you can see, we've got a really deep tray.

It's going to go all the way around, runs downhill, right down here to our drain. See the drain is nice and large and open. The cap has an O-ring around it that's going to completely seal it off. As you can see there's some oil just hanging out in there, but it didn't get out, it didn't get past that O-ring which is excellent. That's going to keep our garage nice and clean when we've got it stored. It's got the raised edges here.

That's going to help divert the oil down there where we want it to go. We have this small area here where we can place our oil filter and allow that to drain rather than just having it rolling around in our pan. There's a small raised edge here that's going to prevent any overrun coming up that edge. That's the shallowest end or the shallowest edge that we have so they've given us a little bit of additional protection there. Here you'll see our vent. That's going to allow for the oil to flow in and also come out nice and smoothly.

Now this can be stored flat which you typically see with your oil drain pans of just about any configuration, but it can also be stored in an upright position. As you can see this is going to take up a lot less room in the garage. We can get this tucked right up against the wall or something like that and not have to worry about the kids stepping on it or something like that causing a mess for us. Now when we finally do get the thing filled up, you can see we've got a nice large spout. It's going to be right here. It's going to allow us to hold on with our handle here and here and we'll be able to easily pour that out into ...

Like again, the oil recycling center or the auto parts store. The cap is going to remain connected so we won't have to worry about losing it. It's a nice, heavy-duty cap. It's not just a little cheap cap that we're going to worry about stripping out, and also there's a nice O-ring in there to give us some additional protection from any type of spillage. We've got that threaded back on. Now, let's go ahead and we'll have it underneath the vehicle there and let's put it to work and see how it does. I'm ready to change the oil. We'll just pull off our cap there and we can put it right over in its storage area to keep that from sliding down in or ultimately just getting completely covered with oil and getting our hands all dirty. Now here you can see how the oil filter is going to hold in that drain location and just allows that oil to come out now. That raised rib that runs up it's going to keep it up off the bottom of the pan so that seal just doesn't seal it to where nothing will drain out. It allows that to flow through. Our oil drain plug we'll allow that to sit over here up and out of the oil. We don't have to worry about getting our hands filthy trying to put it back in. Now, with our oil change taken care of we can simply put our drain pan in a convenient out of the way location until we need it next time. That's going to complete our look at the Flow Tool Super-Duty Liquid Drain Container with the 24-quart capacity. Part Number is FT-42004.

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