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Flint Hill Goods In-Channel Front and Rear Rain Guards Review

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Review of the Flint Hill Goods In-Channel Front and Rear Rain Guards

Hello neighbors, it's Brad here at etrailer and today we're taking a look at the line of Flint Hill Goods in-channel rain guards. Now these are going to be vehicle specific so you know, you're gonna wanna use our fit guide to make sure that you have the specific ones for your vehicle. They're also available in full vehicle. So as you see, we have the front and rear or you can just get them as front. You can see today it's a little overcast and it's probably going to rain as it's kind of been drizzling the whole day. And it's not terribly bad out, it's actually kind of nice and I want to have my window cracked down on the way home.

But the problem with that while it's raining, is a lot of times you're gonna get that rain just trickling in, dripping all over your controls in your vehicle. Well that's where these come into play. You can simply have your window rolled up just underneath this guard and this is gonna protect wind from creating wind noise, but it's still gonna give you that fresh air and it's gonna be blocking out water while doing it. These are also great because they are tinted. So it's gonna block out some of that sunlight in the peripherals here and so it just gives you that added blockage.

It's not gonna blind you. Now, if you need just a little bit of ventilation during those cold days or cold months, this is really nice because you can still get that fresh air in and kind of get the musk out of the vehicle without letting all the heat out. Now once you find that sweet spot with your window, you're gonna see, it's gonna block all that rain. It's gonna actually create a guard here so that rain trickles down and not in. And I can also get that fresh breeze of air coming in as well without creating a bunch of wind noise 'cause it's actually gonna deflect it but allow that fresh air to still come in.

Now, it's not actually raining yet, but for science we're gonna do a little test here to show how they work. So all of this water would normally be curling in, going directly onto your door panel, onto your seat, on you and on the window controls. Well, that's not the case here. We have our window still cracked and rolled down, but as you can see, it's just trickling off of there, keeping it out of the vehicle. And as you can see, there's not a drop on the inside.

Now, if you do pick up the combo that comes with the rear windows, your passengers in the back can also enjoy all those same benefits as you in the driver's seat. Now the guards themselves are made of acrylic and so they're pretty flexible, allowing you to get these in the channels pretty well during installation. But they're also going to be nice and tight and hold them in place once you actually have them set in those channels. So, they're gonna hold up to quite a bit of impact here. So, if you want to let fumes out of your car or let fresh air in during those cold, wet, rainy winter months, these are gonna be a great option for you. And that was a look at the line of Flint Hill Goods in-channel rain guards. Thanks for watching..

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