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Flint Hill Goods Bug Deflector and Hood Protector Review

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Review of the Flint Hill Goods Bug Deflector and Hood Protector

Today, we're gonna be taking a look at Flint Hill Goods line of bug deflectors. Bug deflectors from Flint Hill Goods are gonna be custom fit for your vehicle. So you wanna make sure that you're using our fit guide so you can get the appropriate one for your vehicle. We're showing it off on our Chevy Silverado here today, and you can see how it curves to the body moldings. It goes right up over top. That gives us a nice, consistent gap all the way across which will prevent any kind of fluttering noises from driving down the road.

It'll prevent contact from our bug deflector if it we're to hit any kind of bugs or any kind of road debris. It does have a little tiny bit of flex in it, but at no point, does it ever, when I'm pushing on it, does it ever really feel like it's gonna come in contact with the hood. So it is going to be a scratch-resistant, high-durability acrylic that it's constructed of. And it does have a little bit of flex in it which is gonna be useful to prevent it from cracking when it does receive an impact from anything out there on the road. It does come in a smoked finish, like you see here.

So if you like the way that that looks, that'll also help prevent UV rays from fading the area here towards the front. And whenever you have any kind of chips and things like that, the sun's only gonna worsen corrosion. So this will just help keep that sun off and prevent any chips and abrasions from occurring here at the front. And that completes our look at Flint Hill Goods line of bug deflectors for your trucks or SUVs..

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