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Feedback Sports Cadence Rollers Review

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Review of the Feedback Sports Cadence Rollers

Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Feedback Sports rollers. The Cadence roller is available with low resistance, with part number 301-17277. The Overdrive Pro roller is available with progressive resistance, with part number 301-17217. The Feedback Sports rollers are ideal for warming up on race days, working on cadence drills, pedal stroke, or training indoors. The rollers allow you to use… see more >     

Dan D.


I have these rollers with the progressive resistance. How does the progressive resistance roller work? There is a label on the roller that indicates the red cap on left or right side of the roller for moderate or progressive resistance. Does that roller stay in the far rear position? Does the belt need to extend to that roller with the red cap? It did not come with instructions so any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Les D.


@DanD This item is no longer available so we do not have a complete manual any longer to look for the information you have requested, and their web page does not have a link. The only information I could find was this product information sheet located at: