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Feedback Sports Cadence Rollers Review

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Review of the Feedback Sports Cadence Rollers

Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Feedback Sports rollers. The Cadence roller is available with low resistance, with part number 301-17277. The Overdrive Pro roller is available with progressive resistance, with part number 301-17217. The Feedback Sports rollers are ideal for warming up on race days, working on cadence drills, pedal stroke, or training indoors. The rollers allow you to use your own bike. Depending on your model, the rear rollers offer minimal or progressive resistance.

It'll work with wheel sizes 600c to 700c, and between 26 inch and 29 inch. It has a rider weight limit of 250 pounds. We'll go ahead and give Joe a break, and we'll show you how to get it set up. We'll start by folding it up. Then we'll wanna lock it in place. So raise it up and then back out, and push down.

Now let's grab our bike and check our wheel base. We'll rest the rear tire near the two rollers, and in the front here. We'll wanna have it set so our roller is just front of center. It's adjustable between 37 1/2 and 44 inches. If we needed to adjust it, we would simply take our bike back off, loosen up the hand knobs, pull it out and pick our desired hole, and then put it back in.

Once it's set, we can put our belt in place. It's easier if you have it in the unlocked position. We'll just line it up in the grooves, then lock it back in place. And we're ready to train. It has a powder coated steel frame with zinc plated hardware.

The rollers are made out of aluminum. Now we'll bring Joe back in. For beginners it may be easier to set up next to a wall, or in a door frame, for balance. And that's gonna complete our look at the Feedback Sports rollers.

Dan D.


I have these rollers with the progressive resistance. How does the progressive resistance roller work? There is a label on the roller that indicates the red cap on left or right side of the roller for moderate or progressive resistance. Does that roller stay in the far rear position? Does the belt need to extend to that roller with the red cap? It did not come with instructions so any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Les D.


@DanD This item is no longer available so we do not have a complete manual any longer to look for the information you have requested, and their web page does not have a link. The only information I could find was this product information sheet located at: