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Feedback Sports Digital Caliper Review

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Review of the Feedback Sports Digital Caliper

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline. And today we're taking a look at our Feedback Sports Digital Caliper right here at etrailer. So this is a digital caliper, which will allow you to measure all kinds of different things. This is made by Feedback Sports. So its purpose was for bike or bicycle measurements but you can also use this in your day to day life. In fact, in the back, there's a little printout and sticker of your common bicycle dimensions from a seat post diameter to handlebar diameter.

So this works pretty much like any other caliper and you have some different options, you can measure for outside width, inside width. So let's take a look at those different functions. I'll guide you through that process. This is a digital caliper and compared to the dials which have a dial for display, this has a digital display. So you press on to turn out on that display and off, on, off.

With any precision instrument, just make sure you don't drop this as well as to make sure that everything is calibrated properly. So you have a 0 out option, in case you don't reach 0 the first try, there we go and now you can start measuring. You also have the option of displaying in inches or millimeters. For example, for the handlebar post, it's usually measured in millimeters. Let's switch it over to there and then we get that measurement.

So first thing we're gonna take a look at is outside width. So that's gonna be this bottom measurement right here. Notice how we have those big clamps. So you're gonna open it up with this dial and this will allow you to measure for the outside width of something like the seat post. So once you've wrapped it around, just tighten it down with that dial and then use the dial on top to lock it.

This locks your measure and then you can now see what it was sitting at. As for the inside measurement, we have these tools on top. So you just put them up and then you start opening them. And once they stop, that will take your inside measurement. So I'm gonna lock it. So you can see right here that it says 9 millimeters from end to end at the furthest point. So that helps you figure out what your inside dimensions are. Also helpful, let's say you're working with the hub or you're working with o-rings and you wanna make sure you get the right size. Next you have this depth measurement. So that's right over here at the bottom. As you open up your caliper, you can see this pop out. So let me show you how you can use that. So if I wanted to measure the depth of something like this hitch adaptor, I just pushed that down. And then you can see that the measurement is about 12.45 millimeters. Now that 0 or tare button is not only for zeroing it out but also for measuring the differentials. So let's say you're measuring something and it sits at about, let's say 3., 0.375 inches. You 0 that out and measure something else. And you can find out the difference between the 2 is an inch, is 0.175 inches. So you conserve on battery because what if you forget to turn it off, after use, you also have an automatic shutoff after a period of time, it will shut the caliper off. So to keep everything safe, you have this case included. So you're gonna have this foam padding for your caliper. You're gonna have an extra battery and you're gonna have this tool that can use to replace that battery. So this fits right into your case. And then you can close that lid over it. And now you have an easy to use compact case for when you're ready to use your caliper. So the dimensions using a tape measure is gonna be about 9 and 3 quarter inches for length of the case and then 3 and a half inches for width. Now this is definitely something you want to take care of or you can follow the instructions found in the owner's manual when it talks about the temperature or the humidity and their advices for taking care of it. But the caliper on its own is made of a stainless steel. So it still, should still be hardy for a long term period of use. The range on this caliper is in millimeters, from 0 to 150 millimeters, in inches, from 0 to 6 inches. And for your accuracy of your measurement, so you can go up to your thousandths or your thou in inches and you can go up to your tenths in millimeters. So here at etrailer, we actually recommend using a digital caliper a lot, especially not just for bicycle related situations but also for like your trailers, your vehicles, your wheels, your bearings, you need a more accurate measurement than what you can get from a tape measure or ruler. That's where a digital or a dial caliper will come in handy so that you can get the right product, the right replacement part for you. So as you can see, this works pretty much like any other, other digital caliper. It's nice to know that it comes with extra batteries though because those are usually the first to run out. If you don't use the automatic shutoff, good thing this already has it. So I definitely recommend checking this one out. And that was a look right here at our Feedback Sports Digital Caliper here at etrailer. My name is Evangeline, and I hope you enjoy the journey..

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