Faulkner RV Mount or Freestanding BBQ Grill Review

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Review of the Faulkner RV Mount or Freestanding BBQ Grill

Colin: Hey, everyone. It's Colin here at etrailer and today, we're going to show you guys the Faulkner RV barbecue grill. Let's go ahead and fire it up, start cooking. All we're going to do is open up the grill and then we already have our propane hooked up and we have the valve switch to on. So all we have to do is come over to our knob right here. We're going to turn it on.

Just going to put it on low for now and we just press our igniter switch. You can't really see it right now. But I do feel it getting a little bit hotter. So what we're going to do is just close the lid and let it heat up a little bit. Now we have it set to our max temperature now.

We're just going to let it heat up on the inside. You can see this nice temperature gauge of top. The middle numbers on the inside of that circle are going to give you degrees in Celsius. On the outside, you see the 100, 200, 300. That's our degrees in Fahrenheit.We're just going to let it get up to about 3 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit before we start cooking.

We're at about 350 right now. So I'm just going to come over here and grab some hot dogs and throw them on. All right, let's let those cook for a little while. We'll come back and check on them in a little bit. Now while we let those cook, we'll go ahead and show you guys some of the features that we looked at before we fired the drill up.

Now this is really nice and versatile little grill that Faulkner has made. It really solves a lot of issues when you want some good barbecue but you're out on the road. So when you're stopped and maybe you got a public campsite, there's no grills available or maybe there's just no grills at all. So this is a compact grill that you can pull out of your motor home, mount it to the side of your RV or even just a free standing grill on a table so that you get some good barbecue food without any trouble.Now if you choose to use it as the freestanding option, we would just bring out our stands right there and it just sits like this. The grill has some slots on the sides that go over top of our poles and then if we want to use it on the side of our RV, all we have to do is mount it onto this side rail. Now what I do want to point out is that this mounting rail right here does not come in your kit. So if you don't have one already installed on your RV or motor home, you will have to get that separately and install it on this side and then this way we can just come in like so. Get it mounted onto the side. Now, right here you can see we have our plastic door holder kind of impeding our path so we're just going to scoot it over on the rail a little bit so that now it's making contact with the RV right there. No one thing that is going to set these grills apart from some of its competitors is that these do have some nice rubber bump stops.There's one on each side of this bracket and that's so that it doesn't scratch up the side of your RV. So when you're installing it or if it just happens to fly up at all, you can see it bumps up against there. You don't have to worry about the center of our RV getting scratched up from this metal bracket and then we can just get our grill. Line it up onto the sides right there. Then slide it onto our mounting arms. Then we'll just take the clips right here and bring it underneath. Just going to put this clip in as a nice little safety feature, just like that. Now we do have some stops on the ride right here so you don't have to worry about pushing it too far up right there. It'll sit nicely in the provided space. Now we have our propane hose from NB Service. This is sold separately. This is what's going to allow us to hook up our Faulkner gas grill down to our female end quick disconnect hose that's connected to our propane tank on our motor home.We just feed that up there, get those threads running on the inside, kind of like you would for a garden hose. There we go. Then you want to tighten it as tight as you can. Now we'll just get our male end of the hose into the quick disconnect. The bracket kind of pushes back a little bit so I got my hand back here so that I can push it all the way up. Get it installed. There we go. The entire grill does have a really nice stainless steel construction. So it's going to be very durable and it'll help resist rust and corrosion. Now there is also another version of this grill. It's going to have all the same features. But the difference is that instead of stainless steel, it's just a standard steel construction with a black powder coat finish. So it will help resist rust and corrosion, just kind of gives you a different style of grill. Now this gas grill is going to run off propane. You can see that right now we have it hooked up to our propane tank that's already installed onto our RV.So you have that option and you also have two other options if you wanted to maybe take it away from the RV, grill in the woods or something like that. You can use a disposable propane bottle or even as a portable one. It'll mount right here to the regulator. Now it's got two latches right here that we currently have engaged. It's just going to help prevent the lid from opening up. I would highly suggest making sure you get these latches secured when it's not in use and when it's in storage. That way the lid doesn't fly open. We can just take those latches off. Open up our grill with this nice handle right here. This handle just protects you from touching the hot lid when you want to open up and check on your meat. So we can see the inside. Again, that nice stainless steel construction right there. You can see the heater's on the bottom. This tray's actually removable you can see right here.So in case you need to really deep clean your grill on the bottom right there, we all know that when you grill the juices and the cheese and all that will melt down and get to the bottom. So this allows you to be able to clean all that up every couple of times you grill. Then you see we just have a prong right here and right here that mount into that slot. Tray sits right there. We've got a nice solid cooking surface right here with a warm tray up here. You can put your finished meat up there or even some buns, hamburger or hot dog. So you can get those warm and toasty before you eat your meat. Now right here, the size of this is probably going to be good for a family of about four to five people. You're not going to be able to cook for a huge family barbecue when you got 30 plus people. But it definitely gets the job done for those smaller family trips.Now the exact dimensions for the grill top itself, for the bottom, it's going to be 16 1/2" long by 13 5/16" deep and the upper rack dimensions are going to be 14 1/4" long by 1/4" deep. We also have a drip tray at the bottom right here to catch any of that grease or other fluids which you might have when you're grilling. You can easily remove it with the handle right here. Obviously you want to wait until it's cool to the touch and go off and empty it and then reinstall it after you clean it off. When you want to remove the grill, just remove those clips from each side and then there's nice handles on each side so that we can just grab them both and pull the grill off the stand and then to use it as a free standing grill, you just get the bracket off of the RV, stand it up straight and we'll just set it on the arms.You can see that it uses the other slot right here is where you would use for freestanding and then when you're mounting it horizontally, you would use the slot right here. Now you can see with our grill in the free standing position, I do have it sat on a table right now. That's just more for our comfort level just so it's more level with my body and I don't have to bend over. You can see if I put it onto the ground, it would kind of be uncomfortable. It's still doable. But I honestly prefer just to stand up straight while I'm grilling. Now when you're using the grill in a free standing position, this is a time where a portable or disposable propane tank would come in handy just so if you're far enough away from your RV and you can't get the hose to reach all the way out here, well then you're not limited on where you can take your grill and like I said, when it's not in use, you can stow it in a compartment in your RV.Again, don't forget to make sure those latches are secured and then your stand can go right on top of it. Now my hot dogs seem to be about done. I'll go ahead and get them off of our grill. I was pretty impressed with his grill. It only took about 10 minutes to cook these hot dogs and these are pretty thick hot dogs. So if you just get the lower quality ones from the store, it probably won't take near as long and again, I want to reiterate. This is a great grill for a family of four to seven people where you're just cooking dinner for them. But if you're trying to cook for 30 to 40 people at a big function, this is not going to be the grill for you. But overall, I think it's going to do a great job for those situations where maybe you're just on a family trip. Well, thank you all for watching and hope this information helped you out. But that'll do it for our look at the Faulkner RV barbecue grill. I'm going to go enjoy these hot dogs.

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