Fastway Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock Review

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Review of the Fastway Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock

What's going on guys. It's Colin here at etrailer. Today we're going to take a look at this Fastway hitch lock. Now this lock is going to be able to secure any of your hitch mounted accessories like your Fastway ball mounts, any other high end ball mounts you might have, maybe even a cargo carrier. It's going to be a direct replacement for that five eighths pin that you have for your accessory and you're just going to lock it into your hitch receiver. So that's going to be really nice to have to turn it and make sure no one can just come up and remove that standard five eighths pin and clip and then just walk off with your hitch mounted accessory.

Now this pin has a really nice sturdy steel construction. It's also got a chrome plated finish, so it's going to be really strong and durable and it's also going to resist rust and corrosion. And it's also going to fit up to your three inch by three inch hitch receiver.Right now. We have a two and a half inch by two and a half inch receiver. So you can see there's a good amount of play right here in our pin, that's going to just be there so that it'll fit your three inch receiver if you want to use it for that.

Or if you wanted to, if you had multiple vehicles in your household or you maybe just downsized in your truck size and downsize to a two inch receiver. You could just use this for that two inch receiver as well. Just keep in mind you're going to have a half inch more of play than you see right now. The inside diameter of our pin is going to be five eighths like I said. And then the inside width from the lock to the other side right here is going to be three and five eighths of an inch, so like I said, it'll fit those three inch hitches pretty well.We have a really nice all weather dust cap right here protecting our lock cylinder from getting any of that dirt, debris, road salts inside the lock cylinder and causing any problems.

It is a pretty unique key right here, is going to make it very hard to pick. You just line it up and we can unlock it. We have some nice grips on the side right here, I can just grab it with two fingers and pull it right off, and pull the pin out so you guys can have a closer look at it. We've got some nice O rings on the inside of the lock cylinder. Pretty hard to see right now, but you can kind of feel it when you put it on to the pin.

You can kind of have to compress it a bit to lock it up. Those O rings are going to prevent water, dirt, debris from sinking inside from the pin down into the lock cylinder which could cause problems.Now I've worked with this hitch pin a lot today. I can safely tell you that I'm really impressed with it. I think it does a great job of preventing theft on your hitch mounted accessories. That lock is really snug on there. It's going to be very hard for someone to come and pick this unique lock cylinder right here. Now what's also nice about it is that if you own any other Fastway products like our ball mount right here, you can actually get this in different types of kits to where you could have a hitch lock and a lock for your ball mount itself to make sure it secures it on there. So right now on our ball mount, we just have a standard pin and clip system. So if someone really wanted to, they could remove this pin and clip and do off with just the ball mount right here and just the platform would stay locked on there. You can get that in a kit and that'll secure it very nicely.Now if you're still unsure about this Lock, you kind of thinking you want to look at something different, I would suggest looking at etrailer, lock right here. I just have it in my pocket and show you guys real quick. They're both going to do a great job. They both have a steel construction to it, so it's going to be very solid. It's going to be very hard to pick, though this system is a little different. I'll show you this real quick. There's going to be a standard key, but it's kind of a pick proof system, meaning that we have to unscrew it from the threads that are on the lock. So it makes it very hard to pick. It's a little bit more work to get off a little bit more challenging. But in my opinion, in some cases it does provide you with more peace of mind. Either way, whichever lock you go with, even if it's not one of these two, you definitely want to make sure you pick one up to secure any of your hitch mounted accessories.

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