Fastway Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock Review

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Review of the Fastway Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock

Colin: Hey, what's up guys It's Colin here at Etrailer. And today, I'm going to show you guys the Fastway hitch lock. This is going to be for two inch by two inch hitch receivers. It's a really nice lock that you can use to secure any of your hitch mounted accessories like our Fastway ball mount right here. It's a really high end ball mount, you definitely don't want someone coming up and just removing your standard 5/8 pin and clip, and then walking off with your accessory.The pin itself has a really sturdy steel construction. It's got a chrome plate finish as well.

So it looks really nice and it's going to be durable. That chrome plating is going to help it resist rust and corrosion. We do have a nice dust cap right here covering up our lock cylinder to make sure no dirt or debris gets inside there while we're traveling. And what's nice is that it's a pretty unique lock system. You know, it's not one of those standard keys that you would find on other locks.

With this one it's going to really cut down on people trying to take your lock. Just turn it to the left, and then just give it a little wiggle. Comes right off like that. Let's go ahead and pull it out for you guys so you can take a look at it.So it's just going to be a standard 5/8 pin diameter. Right there just like you would have for your 5/8 pin that you get originally for your ball mount.

And when we push it on, we've got some nice O-rings in there creating a nice seal, so that no water, or debris gets inside and messes up with that lock cylinder. And this lock does have a pretty flush mount design as well, we only got about a half inch right there between the edge of our lock cylinder and the pin itself on the face of our hitch. Makes it very hard for someone to be able to pry that off.We also have these nice grips on the edge of our lock right here. And we're also going to have one on the other side of our pin. So whenever we do unlock it and want to remove the lock, we can just grab that grip part and pull it right off.

Now this lock isn't just specific for your Fastway of ball mounts. It can be really any ball mounts you might have that's pretty high in ball mount, whether it's Gen Y or BMW, or maybe just even any hitch mounted accessory you have like a cargo carrier just as long as your accessory doesn't require an anti-rattle threaded hitch pin. This will be a direct replacement for any standard 5/8 pin and clip that you might have.Now if you're still a little bit unsure about this lock, I can safely tell you that I've worked with it a lot today and I feel very confident in it. That special lock system that has in lock cylinder key make it very unique so it's very, very hard to pick. But if you're still a little bit unsure and you want to check out another one, I would suggest maybe looking at the hitch lock, that we have those available in a wide variety of lengths. We want for the two inch versions available in chrome plated steel and stainless steel.The biggest difference between the Fastway and the Etrailer is that the Etrailer is going to run on a pick proof system rather than the key system right here. It'll be kind of on threads, so it'll have a normal key. And then you just kind of thread it all the way on to your hitch pin, or the pin right here for the lock. So there's are some differences right there. Really, whichever one you get, it's going to get the job done.

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