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Fan-Tastic Vent Ultra Breeze Trailer Roof Vent Cover Review

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Review of the Fan-Tastic Vent Ultra Breeze Trailer Roof Vent Cover

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at Fan-tastics line of Vent Ultra Breeze Trailer roof vent covers. This vent covers gonna allow you to use your vent in inclement weather such as rain and snow. Allow you to get that circulation of air inside without any of that moisture coming in. They're designed to work with 14 and a quarter inch square vent holes so it'll cover up completely all the way around the outside preventing any moisture from coming in through the top when it comes down from the sky or whether it's hitting the roof, splashing, or running off of it. It won't be able to enter.Aerodynamic design keeps the wind up and over the vent while driving so that way, you can have your vent open in the back and you don't have to worry about it causing any damage to your vent. The grill on the back will still allow air flow to come in.

It's constructed of an opaque plastic material that's gonna allow some light to enter when your vent's open so this way you can use it as somewhat of a skylight. Its durable thermal plastic is gonna be resistant to the suns UV rays as well as the elements from outside. The covers dimensions are gonna be 23 inches long, 19.5 inches wide, and 10 and a quarter inches tall. And as you can see here, we're getting air flow in and the suns rays are coming in to provide us some natural light here above our bed.And to fully enjoy your vent at night and keep out those nasty bugs, you can get a bug screen. These come in both black and white.

And after comparing this to other vent covers on our website, such as the one from Maxair, it's gonna have all of the same similar features but your shape is gonna differ. If you want a more aggressive, straight line square look, the Fan-tastic's gonna be better for your RV. If you want a more rounded, ovular look, Maxair is gonna fit your RV better.We'll begin our installation by doing a little bit of pre-assembly. You want to flip your vent over and on the back side you'll see three tabs here and two slots on each side. We'll take our grill cover.

You'll want to orient it in this position so it angles down with this being straight. We're gonna line up the slits on the bottom with the tabs, poke that in each tab, then take the small clips that come in your hardware package, line up the side of the grill inside the side slits and press the tab in to hold that in place. We'll do the same thing on the other side.We'll begin our installation by removing some of the pre-existing sealant caulk around our RV to expose the screws beneath it as we're gonna need to remove some of those screws. I'm just gonna scrape some off till we find those holes. Now after you've cleared away and verified if you have screws or just holes.

If you have screws, you can just take the screws out inaudible 00:02:49 and we'll be using those to attach our hardware. If you don't have any screws and you just have hole, you'll have to drill using a 1/8 inch drill bit to make your holes. So we'll do that here.This seals gonna work with your typical caulk gun. We'll spread the caulk in place where we had removed it and this'll seal it back up. We're gonna do this on both sides. We can then take the screws in our kit, slide on the flat washers that come with it, and thread it through the brackets. When you're threading it through you want to make sure that the quick connect pin is facing up. Now line this up with the hole. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to thread it in place.We're gonna repeat that for the three remaining holes. We'll now take our vent cover. We're gonna set it in place over the brackets we just installed lining up the slits with each of those pins on both sides. We can now take our cotter pins and insert them into each bracket. This'll hold it in place and make it easy to remove in case you ever want to take it off. Make sure to insert a cotter pin into all four holes. And that completes our look at Fan-tastics line of Vent Ultra Breeze trailer roof vent covers.

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