Blaylock EZ Lock Gooseneck Coupler Lock Combo Review

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Review of the Blaylock EZ Lock Gooseneck Coupler Lock Combo

Collin: Hey everyone. I'm Collin here at etrailer and today, are we going to take a look at the EZ Lock Gooseneck Coupler Lock Combo. This is not only going to lock your coupler, preventing anyone from hooking up to your gooseneck, but it's also going to lock up top right here, to prevent anyone from tampering with or removing the coupler on your gooseneck. Now this coupler combo is going to be compatible with any bulldogs, stallion, superior or T.E.M gooseneck couplers. Both locks are going to be made out of an aircraft grade aluminum, so they're going to be very durable and corrosion resistant.It's going to be very tough to get off. No one's going to be able to break it off to access your coupler.

Each lock is going to have a steel pin securing it onto the coupler, and then locking it in place is going to be this master lock padlock, which does come with your kit. Both of these locks are going to made out of stainless steel and they're going to be keyed alike. You can see the other one up top as well. Just going to do a great job of securing your coupler, making sure no one can tamper with it.Now how the bigger lock is going to go and place, is it's going to wrap around the coupler. So you put those two hooks on and we're gonna pull the other side up like so.

Now we're going to insert our pin, but one thing you want to make sure you do is that if the pin can fit through the bottom hole, you want to make sure you do that, but given the size of our coupler, we're going to have to use the top hole. So we'll just slide it through like so. Then we'll come around and put a padlock on. How that's going to work, easiest way to do it, just make sure that it's sideways like that. You just insert your master lock and then lock it like so.

Now it's locked in place.Now the top is going to be a little bit different. We're going to have to do a bit of pre assembly first. What are we going to have to do is remove this bolt right here, because this washer needs to go on the other side. So once you remove it and get the washer in then you're going to be good to continue installation. But for demonstration purposes we're going to go ahead and use a similar threaded bolt to just show you how it works from the outside.

Because if we use this, it's going to be a little harder to see.So what would happen is once you get that washer on and you put the bolt back on, it's going to look something like this, just sitting there, kind of like that. The washer is going to be about that location. Now what's going to happen is, once it's on the bolt, the washer is going to go through that slot right there. So you would bring that down, over the top of the washer like so, and then we insert our pin and that way the bolt is up inside there and it's not going to come out.Then we just take our lock and secure it just like the other one. You want to make sure it's sideways, put the lock up there and secure it. Just like that. Now when they're both attached, you're really not going to be able to get the lock off. You can't pull it out, can't go down, no matter what. Now all in all, this is just going to be a very nice and easy to use product. It's going to be very tough and durable and just be a great theft deterrent for not only your gooseneck coupler, but your whole trailer as well.When you have that type of investment, you want to make sure you're protected at all costs. Now that's going to do for our look at the easy lock gooseneck coupler lock combo.

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