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Review of the Extang Tuff Tonno Soft Tonneau Cover

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Extang Tuff Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover, part number EX14475. The Extang Tuff Tonneau Cover delivers style and convenience at an affordable cost. It's great for covering up that fifth wheel, or goose-neck connection, or any other gear you might have in your truck bed. For full truck bed access, simply release the lever here on both sides. Once you've got it disconnected from the channel, we can snap it back in place. Then we can release the cover from the channel on both sides. With it loose, now we can roll it up.

A second set of hands is best. Once we get to the cab, we can connect our safety strap. It's just hook and loop. Then we can remove the bows by pulling out on the spring-loaded end, disconnecting it from the other side and then we can place it in our bed for storage. The remaining bows pop out just the same. Each of the rails features a built-in seal, which helps keep out the water.

The whole frame and the bows are made out of an anodized aluminum so they're going to resist rust and corrosion. Here you can see it's an easy clamp on installation and the tools are included. The whole thing sits about an inch and a half on top of your truck bed rail. The bows sit a little bit higher, but that's to keep the water from pooling on top of the cover. The cover itself is made out of a durable vinyl skin and it features polymer backed edges with nylon reinforced corners. It features a J style connection, which helps keep tension in all climates.

It connects just underneath the channel here. Now that we've gone over the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. First thing you need to do is remove one of the plastic corner pieces from our cab rail. As you can see, we've got two rails here. This one's our tailgate and this one's our cab. You can see how the tailgate end here has the open corner piece here.

The cab one has the solid corner piece. We need to take this one off. The way it comes off is you just squeeze the bottom end together and then just lift it right off. As you can see, I have moved to the floor here. It's going to make it easier to install. I grab the Tonneau Cover, rolled up. I've got my cab rail here and it's as if my truck bed is right here. I've the corner piece facing towards the back of the tailgate and I've got the missing corner right here. We need to slide the plastic trim piece on our Tonneau cover into the open channel here. I'm going to turn my rail and roll it forward. Then I'm just going to slide it on all the way across. Just like that. Now we'll take our corner piece, as you can see it's going to be lined up with the corner here. We're just going to clip it on by depressing the bottom here. Make sure goes into the notch on top here. Just like that. Now we can move on and grab our two side rails. We need to make sure that the beveled end here is going to be on the outside and that our stickers that says position clamp here are going to be pointing towards the inside of our bed. We need to connect these to our cab rail, the one we slid onto our Tonneau cover. I'm going to roll it back towards me to where those corner pieces are facing inside the truck bed like we talked about and then I'm going to connect them together. Put it on until it snaps in. Go ahead and do that for the other side too. Now we can bring our tailgate rail in and clip it on just the same. Now we can set the whole assembly up on our truck bed. You want to make sure that the Tonneau cover is up towards our cab. We'll just set it in place about like that. Now you want to be sure and center the frame up with your truck bed. It's especially important up here at the bulkhead. You want to be sure that the weatherstripping here is sitting directly on top the bulkhead all the way across. Now as far as the rails, you want to be sure it's the same on both sides. Now upon setting your frame up on top of your truck bed, you may notice that there is a gap here. As you can see even when it's depressed, there's still going to be a gap. There is an optional pad kit that comes with it so you can place those on to seal that gap. Then we can just peel one of those back and put it in place. You can take it all off or you can just line it up and push in place. Just like that. You can do that for all the corners that there is a gap. Now we can go ahead and put on our clamps. Now I just want to point out that we've got a few different sizes here, as you can see. We've got a few smaller clamps here and a larger one there. We've also got different sizes here. Now some truck beds have a smaller space up underneath their truck bed rail from front to back. You just need to choose which clamp works best for you in which spot. We're going to be starting with the passenger side here. For the front one closest to the cab, we're going to be using the larger bracket. We also want to line it up with our sticker here that says, place clamp here. We'll put it in, line up with the teeth and just go ahead and push down. As far as the clamp that goes up underneath, we're going to be using the smaller one. Want to make sure that our threaded hole here goes up through the channel here and lines up with the hole on top. Just get it lined up and just kind of push it into place. Then we can take our included hardware, put that down through the whole and get that started. Now the tool is also included. Get that snug for now and then we'll move on to the next clamp. For our center clamp, we're going to be using another larger bracket. Line up with our sticker, push it down into place. Then we're going to be using the smaller clamp underneath as well. Get it lined up and then just get that snug and then we'll finally do the tailgate end. We'll just take the smallest bracket, set it in place and then the larger clamp underneath. Bring that up through the bottom. With them all in place, we can go ahead and go back finished tightening them up. Be sure not to over-tighten. Go ahead and repeat the same process for the other side. Now we can take our bows and put them in place. Now it doesn't rightly matter which side you put in, it's just that one side is spring-loaded and the other one is not. Since we're starting at the tailgate end, we need to grab the bow that says tail. We just want to make sure that the arched portion here is facing up. Now we've got two pegs that we can use here. Got the top and the bottom one here. They're going to fit into the slot on our bow here. Just make sure it's the same on both sides. For this side, we'll just move it back, place it on the bottom peg and then put it on like that. Then we can repeat the same process with the other bows. For the center, I'm using the center and the cab will use the cab. Here at the tailgate end, let's go ahead and flip the lever right here. This is going to allow us to turn our rail in an upward position. That way we can attach our Tonneau cover to it. We'll need to do that on both sides. Now let's unroll cover towards our tailgate. With our tailgate rail pointed an upward direction, we need to place this channel here into this channel here. We'll do that all long the backside. Once we've got it in the channel, we need to push it back down until it snaps in at the bottom of the corner. Now it makes it a lot easier if the tailgate is down. Make sure it's ready to roll back in position on both sides. Now it just folds down until it snaps in on both sides, just like that. With it connected and latched at the tailgate end, let's go ahead and take our sides, locate that channel and put it into the channel along the side rails. We need to do that to both sides. Now just work your way down. You'll feel it kind of push in and grip. For the opposite side, it helps to stretch it out towards you so you can easily connect it underneath. Same thing as before, just work your way down. That's going to complete our look at the Extang Tuff Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover, part number EX14475.

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