Extang Trifecta Soft Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the Extang Trifecta Soft Tonneau Cover

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Extang Trifecta Folding Soft Tonneau Cover part number EX44650. Quick and simple, the Trifecta tonneau cover combines a look of the soft cover in a convenience of a hard folding cover. The tri-fold vinyl cover has a rail-free design and a self contain clamping system that allows for rapid installation and removal. The custom-fit tonneau cover protects your cargo in your vehicles bed from the elements. Its aerodynamic style reduces wind drag and helps improve gas mileage. The clamps here at the rear are made out of a sturdy reinforced fiber glass nylon.

This provides a secure bed when we have our tailgate locked. The rubber seals that outline our tonneau cover help keep water and different types of materials from getting into our truck bed. This tonneau cover has a pretty low profile design as it fits only about an inch and inch and a half above the rails of our truck. Keep in mind that this tonneau cover will not work with stake pocket mounted accessories. One of the great features of the Trifecta is how quickly can be removed from your vehicle and how its all self-contained.

Everything you need to install this cover and uninstall is all built into the tonneau cover. Were going to show you that feature right now. Usually, when we install tonneau covers, we usually have to use two sets of hands or ask somebody to help, but in this case, its light enough that we can hoist this right up on our truck bed by ourselves. If you install it, before we go over some special features, which we want to get in line with our truck bed and then unclip our clips. In order to get this in line with our truck bed and make sure that its setting correctly on our bed rails, well go ahead and unfold it.

With the tonneau cover unfolded, we can see how we need to adjust it for that great fit on the bed of our truck. One of the best way to make sure that its fitting good on the bed rails is just to check the seams. We have this foam pads here on the end, we just need to make our way around the tonneau cover to make sure that its setting nicely on the corners of our truck. Well do that real quick and make sure thats in line right and then well folded back up and well move to the underside and get ready to secure it to the bed of our pickup. Here towards to the cab of the truck, well take the clamping device out of the tonneau bow rail and we want to make sure that the side with the raised lip on our clamp goes around our bed rail of our pickup truck.

Well loosen it up, screw it all the way over to make sure that our bolt here is flushed with our bed rail. Well push the hardware up against the lip of our bed rail and then use the T-handle to tighten against the bolt. Well snug that down and then well move to the other side, repeat the same process. Here on the passenger side of the truck, well just repeat the same process. With our front clamps secured, we can go ahead and unfold it on to the bed of our truck and get ready to secure it at the rear. Here at the back of our tonneau cover on our last bowed rail, well take our clamps, pull them out of the bowed rail and you got these nice screws down here that we can grip to and these clamps are spring loaded so we pull them all way to our side rail, pull them down, skew the rest way over and release. Theres no tools necessary, theres no tightening with our hands or anything. Theyre just spring loaded and in position. Once we have that one in place, we can move to the passenger side of our vehicle and repeat the same process. Inaudible 03:42 in the box comes this Chevy Rub Pads. These are meant to go in between your clamp in the side rail of our truck and well show you that in a minute. Were not going to install these but we will show you how to use them. Here on the passenger side, well take our spring loaded clamp, use the handle to pull down on it and skew it in. Now, for those Chevy Rub Pads, they would go in between our side rail and our clamping mechanism. All right, so with everything secured, we can close up our tailgate and that will complete our installation. Now, well come back and go over some of the key features of this tonneau cover. Now, were going to look at the tri-fold design of this tonneau cover. All we have to do is undo our rear clamps and then we have the freedom to fold our tonneau cover. With the rear end of our tonneau cover folded up, this is about a third of the tonneau cover, so thats about how much access that we have here at the rear of our pickup bed. Well fold up our second part and now we have about two thirds access of our truck bed. One of the great features with the tonneau cover in this position is the ability for it to snap in. When were ready to hold down the road or if we need this area to haul things and we dont want to mess with or take off our tonneau cover, we can simply just snap or close into position and were good to go. Theres a clip on each side. Now, were going to go and unfold it and well load up some gears and just show you how easy to access and fold up your tonneau cover. Once were done, say if we have our truck parked out at a camp site for a day and were not too worried about anybody interfering with our luggage or our gear or accessories, then we can just lay this back over and get back to enjoying our weekend. Now that weve gone over the features of this tonneau cover, were going to go ahead and show you how it looks going down the road. That completes todays review of the Extang Trifecta Soft Folding Tonneau Cover part number EX44650.

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