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Extang Revolution Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the Extang Revolution Tonneau Cover

Today, well be reviewing the Extang Revolution soft rollup tonneau cover part number EX54726. The tailgate frame rail section swings away for easy loading. There is a silver levers here on the driver side as well as the passenger side. We can pull out towards the tailgate which will release the rib racket and we can simply roll back up towards the cab of the truck which will give us full access to the truck bed of our pickup for carrying larger items. Now that it rolled up, we can then just take these straps and buckle them in.The side rails are pre-drilled for quick and easy clamp placement. No drilling is required for this installation.

The Extang Revolution sits 1 inch above the bed rails to give your truck a stylish loo. The aerodynamic design of the Extang Revolution reduces wind drag improving your gas mileage.The Revolution has multi-directional tension which keeps the tarp tight and working great in any climate. Now that weve gone on to some of the special features which makes the Extang Revolution stand out above the rest, were going to show you how to install it.Well begin our installation by first peeling of the white sheet along the soft pad. The soft pad do not have any adhesive so they wont ruin the finish of your truck. For todays demonstration, were going to keep this white seal on and then well take the rail and place it on to one side of our truck.

Now, you dont want to set it near the edge as the lip of the rail is not large enough to keep it from falling over.Quick note, when youre placing your rails on to the bed of your pickup truck, there is a white label here on each rail which identifies which rail is for which side of the vehicle. Now, since were inside of the truck bed, we can then take the clamp with the pre-drill hole in the bottom, line it up. Were going to make sure this orange rubber piece is on the underside of the bed rail. Slide this up and take this Allen bolt and thread down through the hole. Then, taking the Allen wrench and tight it down.Now, remember that the clamp with the hole at the bottom of it is for the rear set of holes.

Now, with that done, we can move up to the front and secure the front. Well slide the Allen bolt down to the hole. There are three pre-drilled holes at the front, the center and the rear of the bed rail to kind of adjust if you have anything on the underside of the bed rail. The thing you keep in mind when purchasing these tonneau cover is that it will not work with any stake pocket accessories.Now if all three of the clamps assembled to the bed rail, well move back to the rear and use this long bolt which thread on the hex nut and thread this through that hole. Again, the rear bracket should have this hole.

Once thats through, we can use the white plastic end cap. This will protect your trucks finish because what this bolt is used for is when tightening it, its going to make this rail parallel and kind of flush to the bed rail so its not in an angle.As it starts to get tight, you can kind of see the rail levelling out. Were not going to tighten that nut yet. Were just going to keep everything loose until we get the second rail on then were going to make sure everything is square.Well now go ahead and place the other rail on to the bed rail of our pickup truck. Well grab the rest of our hardware and move on into the bed. Now, that were inside the bed, well take our rail, set it on to the truck bed rail. Now, using this clamp . again, remembering that the rear clamp should have the hole.Now, if the rear tightened down, we can move back up to the front, repeat the same process. Now, if all three of the brackets on this side of the vehicle are loosely tighten down, we can again take the longer bolt with our hex nut on and again, this is going to make sure our track is level or not angled down, with our hex nut on here. Put that through the hole and use this plastic end cap.Now that we have all six of our clamps in each of the rails installed, Im going to move up to the cab where we tighten these down. Im going to move to the rear set of clamps and adjust that bolt to make sure that both rails are square with the bed rail.Now with both rails tightened down, as well as squared to the bed rails of the pickup truck, well now go ahead and place the final assembly up here on the rails at the cab. This slot right here is going to go into this crew here. We repeat the same step for the other side. We can move to the underside of the tonneau assembly. We can then loosen up this knob here and slide this under the rail. This will help to secure the two pieces together.Now, the tonneau assembly locked in place, we can then unbuckle two buckles and roll the tonneau assembly out from the cab back to the tailgate, making sure the bow catchers are engaging properly. Now that the tonneau assembly completely unrolled, here back at the tailgate, we can then take this groove slide it into this notch which will pull the tonneau assembly tight. We need to make sure that this groove engages on both the passenger and driver side and then when pulled down, the tonneau assembly will pull tight and then snap into position. With that, that will complete todays review of the Extang Revolution soft rollup tonneau cover part number EX54726. .