Extang Solid Fold Hard Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the Extang Solid Fold Hard Tonneau Cover

Speaker 1: Today, you'll be getting a good look at the Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Tonneau covers. This durable, stylish hard Tonneau cover is also one of the easiest to install. This Tonneau cover is specifically designed to fit your truck bed. There's no drilling required and there's not even any tools required. It doesn't use any side rails either. Instead, it uses an intuitive, spring loaded clamp design built right into the Tonneau cover.

The integrated clamp easily unscrews so you can take the Tonneau cover off and on as your leisure. The individual panels are dent and weather resistant to help protect your cargo. The panels are an automotive grade polypropylene with a high strength, thermal plastic skin. They won't fade or break down from exposure to UV rays or harsh weather and unlike other Tonneau covers, they'll remain cool to the touch on hot days. The panel's frames are an aircraft grade aluminum with a powder coat for additional protection.

The matte black finish is gonna compliment most trucks. The tri-fold design gives you 2/3 bed access when the Tonneau cover is installed. Because it's easy to remove, full bed access is just a few latches away.If you need to travel with the Tonneau cover open, the safety buckles made it easy to do so. Because your latches are on the inside, when your tailgate is closed, your bed is completely secure. Other hard Tonneau covers fold up against the cab for full bed access, but they're not easily removed like the Solid Fold 2.0.

Some Tonneau covers, you still have stake pocket access. With this one, you lose those. Compared to other Tonneau covers with rails, it doesn't take up any space inside your truck bed. It does sit an inch and a half above your truck bed rails. The snap on seals and the rubber corners help keep water out of the truck bed.

Now you've had a good look at the Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Tonneau covers. Now that we installed the Tonneau cover and had a good look at it, we've brought some of our product team in and we're gonna check it out. Speaker 2: So what do you guys think are the best features of this cover Speaker 1: Well, it looks and acts like a high quality Tonneau cover, a high quality folding Tonneau cover, in my opinion. Speaker 3: What I like the most about it is it would be really quick to remove. If I wanted to take this off of my truck, it's a simple four clamp installation, no rails on the bed. Speaker 2: Yeah. I like the material. I like the flat kind of color of it. It seems to be a high quality look, especially on the darker colored car. Speaker 1: It's a thermal plastic material, so it's not going to be hot to the touch when it's extremely hot outside. So you can touch it and it won't be burning your skin off. Speaker 2: It has separate clamps for the driver's side and passenger side and they do store in the cover, but I'd rather not have to go to both sides of the truck to open it to flip it. But other than that, the clamps seem to work pretty good. Speaker 1: Yeah, it is nice that they're built in. That way, they're not kind of just hanging around. They stay in and that way when it's folded over, you don't have to worry about them knocking or banging around on the other panel. Speaker 3: When you go to fold it, it's got these extra rubber pieces here, foam blocks that'll keep it from scratching the other side of your cover. Speaker 1: Yeah, that's gonna help with the vibration when you're on the road. Yeah, inaudible 00:03:18 awesome too. Speaker 2: Seems they have really good cab seals, really good side seals. There's no rails, so once you take it off, your truck bed's completely open. Speaker 1: That was what I really liked about it is that there's no rails. I didn't have to do multiple part installations in order to finally get it installed. We pulled it out of the box. We set it in place, unfolded it, squared it up, put the clamps on, and we're done. That was it. Speaker 2: So it won't fold up from this direction because of the way the easy off clamps are in the front Speaker 1: Right. Speaker 2: But you can strap it down here and you can at least have it and put things higher than the Tonneau cover in the back part of the bed anyway. Speaker 1: And we discussed that if you want full bed access, it's just as fast and easy to take off, so if you decided that, it doesn't fold up. It's just as fast to take off. Speaker 2: Well, maybe three or four minutes just to unbolt two clamps. Speaker 1: Yeah. If that. Speaker 2: Look under the rail here inside. Speaker 3: And you can travel in this position. Speaker 1: Yes, just as long as the inaudible 00:04:26 buckles are being used, or the buckles. Speaker 2: All right. Anything else Speaker 3: I like it, overall. Speaker 2: Okay, thanks guys. Speaker 1: Thank you.

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