Extang Express Soft Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the Extang Express Soft Tonneau Cover

Today well be taking a look at the Extang Express Soft Tonneau Cover part number EX50650. Extang Express is an engineered roll top style tonneau cover that installs in just a few minutes without any drilling. It has a triple slip commercial grade vinyl tarp with tapered design. The aerodynamic design in the Extang Express Tonneau Cover helps reduce wind drag improving our gas mileage. It sits about 1-1/2 inches to 2 inches above the bed rails to give your truck a stylish look. Please keep in mind that this tonneau cover will not work with fake pocket mounted accessories.

The weather test seals provide the ultimate bed protection. The PVC seals withstand high temperatures and UV rays. This tonneau cover uses these springs here at the rear for the self tensioning device which provides a perfect fit in any climate. The Extang Express, our product comes with two side rails. We want to make sure that our locking mechanism right here at the rear goes towards the back side of our vehicle.

These are also labeled, as you can see right here, drivers side. That makes it a little bit more simple for us. On this side we have our weather stripping. For our demo today were going to go ahead leave our backing on. We want to place this on the side rail of our truck and then well want to make sure that our side rail is centered on our bed rail.

We want to make sure that up here at the cab we have about a fingers width distance. Well go here to the rear and we have about a fingers width distance. That means that this is in pretty good position for us to go ahead and move along with our installation and review of our Express Tonneau Cover. With our railing on the side rails of our pick-up we need to locate our three pre-drilled holes. This side rail actually has four.

It has one up here and then it has one right here, one in the middle and one towards the rear. The three in the middle here are all evenly spaced so those are the ones that we want to use for our clamps. Well take our clamps and on the back side of our clamp we have a rubber stopper thats going to keep from damaging the inside of our railing of our pick-up truck. We want to make sure that thats facing the lip of the rail. Well put it up through here, this side, its going to go through. Theres a gap in our side rail here of our tonneau cover. We want to make sure that goes up in there. Theres a hole on the top of the clamp and we want to line it up with the pre-drilled holes. Well take our Allen bolts fit it in the top here and go ahead and get it started then we can use the included Allen wrench and tighten it down. This position right here is the location of our standard pre-drilled hole for our clamp. Well fit in just like we did with the front clamp. With our drivers side rail secured to our vehicle, well grab our passengers side rail and repeat the exact same process that we did on this side. For the three clamps on each side rail of our tonneau cover, youll notice how they lay flush with our side rail. This is a great feature because they dont stick out at all. Maybe when were hauling certain cargo or gear we dont have to worry about that interfering. Their nice low profile design hides them right underneath the side rails of our tonneau cover. Well take our tonneau cover, place it up here towards the front of our truck. With our tonneau cover rolled up and placed unto our truck in order to get it secured we need to make sure that this wedge right here goes into this area right here. To do that well lean it up, slide it on there and then let it drop. Then well move to the other side and repeat that same process. The next thing we need to do is here on this underside. We need to loosen up our hand knob here, take our slide clamp and slide it so it catches the underside lip of our side rail of our tonneau cover. Once we have that as far over as itll go, we just tighten the hand knob to secure that firm part in place. Now we can move to the passengers side and repeat the same process. With our tonneau cover secured we can go ahead and unclip our strap and then roll out our tonneau cover. With our tonneau cover on, we need to make sure that weve secured that back of our tonneau cover. Well do this by taking this wedge here and placing it in this position here. Well lift up, fit it in there and angle it down. Well do this to the other side and then well show you how that locks into place. With the other side in, we can push down on it and theres a locking mechanism in here that secures the rear end of our tailgate and allows our tarp of our tonneau cover to self tension. With the rear part of our tonneau cover secured, youll notice that our tonneau cover is pretty tight from front to back. Now well make our way around the side and secure the side of our tonneau cover. Next, we need to attach our hook and loop fasteners from the tarp to the rails. Well start at the front and pull the tarp towards us as it moves to the tailgate. Well now move to the passengers side of the vehicle and repeat this process. With our tonneau cover released here at the end, we can simply start rolling it up. one of the great features of this tonneau cover is that the boughs can actually be rolled up inside the tonneau cover. If you choose not to roll up the boughs in your tonneau cover, we can undo the straps here on each end and simply remove them. We got the hook and loop straps here and we also got an adhesive hook and loop so that it sticks well to each other. That way when were ready to reinstall it its a very simple process. With our tonneau cover all the way rolled up next to the cab of our truck, you can reach around, grab our straps and hook them in place. In order to disengage our tarp from our bed rails well need to use the hand knob here on the underside to slide out our bracket and then we can use the quick release lever to undo our tonneau cover. Well push that down, lift up on the back of our tarp and simply pull up. Now that weve gone over some of the features of the Extang Express, were going to go ahead and show you how it looks going down the road. That completes todays review of the Extang Express part number EX50650.

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