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Extang EnCore Hard Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the Extang EnCore Hard Tonneau Cover

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Extang Encore Hard Folding Tonneau Cover part number EX62430. The Extang Encore is a custom fit tonneau cover that helps protect your cargo in your vehicle's bed from the elements. It's an easy no-drill installation as the frame rails clamped to the inside of the truck bed side rails. The Encore has a rugged 1-inch thick fiber glass reinforced plastic panels. Its aerodynamic style reduces wind drag and helps improve gas mileage. The cover sits on top of our truck bed side rails and it sits about a half inch above the bed rails.

The black powder coated aluminum rails with rubber corners are rust proof. The tri-fold design allows a partial bed access in seconds. The folded cover lifts out of the rails for full bed access. The bolt, one-key lock technology lets you use vehicles' ignition key lock and unlock the tonneau cover. The secure set automatic latching system here at the rear helps prevent theft of your cargo when the tailgate is closed and locked.

The rubber seal, the channel and layers around the edges and the built-in drain hose helps keep our bed dry and the rails free of water. Please keep in mind that this tonneau cover may not work with stake pocket mounted accessory. The Extang Encore is made in the USA and comes with a 3-year warranty. Now, we'll go ahead and show you how to install your Extang Encore. We'll begin by placing the driver side side rail on to the vehicle.

You can see here about the midpoint of the side rail that it's labelled driver side. While setting it on the bed rail of our pickup, we want to be about 1 inch from the cab rail. If you have a bed liner, then that distance will be a little bit shorter. With the rail of our tonneau cover positioned on the side rail of our truck, we can go ahead and install our clamps. It may be helpful to have an extra hand to hold the side rail.

We'll install the clamps as close to the approximate clamp location sticker as possible. When installing the clamp, we need to be sure that we push them up as far as they can go. This will help level the rail of our tonneau cover. The side without the lip goes under the bedside rail. Once we have all three clamps on the driver side rail in position and tightened down, we can then repeat the process for the other side. Before we head over to the passenger side, we want to make sure that the tonneau rail is levelled. We can adjust the clamp as needed. When placing the passenger side rail on to the passenger side of our pickup bed, we want to make sure that we have the same measurement from the cab bed rail to the edge of the tonneau rail on each side. We'll go ahead and show you how to install the drain hose to the side rails of your tonneau cover. We'll slide it over the drain hose spout then the other end will normally go through a hole on the bed of your truck. A lot of trucks come with a pre-drill hole to run your hose through. For our review today, we're using a truck that has a bed liner and we don't want to remove it or do any drilling. Now, we'll coat our tonneau lock to our vehicle key. We'll open up the cap at the top of our lock, remove the protective label and slowly insert the key into the lock cylinder before starting to rotate. While maintaining full key insertion, we'll rotate the key clockwise until we hit the stopping point, approximately 3 quarters of a turn. You want to be sure to lock and unlock the coated key about five times to ensure the lock coating is set. Please note that if the vehicle key is changed, the lock cylinder will need to be replaced as it's only made to fit one key. We'll grab our tonneau cover and stand the panel system on the drain rails so that the retaining hooks line up with the two pins inside the drain channel. We'll unfold the front panel and position the cab in middle panels over the truck bed making sure the retaining hooks and gauge pins and the drain rail. With the tailgate open, we'll unfold the rear panel and press down on to the truck bed to lock it in place. The tonneau cover should now be secured. If your truck bed has the bed liner and if the side rails are higher than the cab, you'll want to apply the foam seal that's included to the front lip of the truck bed. Now, we'll check to make sure that this tail panel latch made proper contact with the Encore side rail. If the tail panel latch is not tightened to the Encore side rail, we can add these spacers to the side rail lip. With our Extang Encore installed, we'll now go over some additional features. We lift our tailgate fold down on the cable lever and this releases our rear panel. We'll fold up the panel closest to the tailgate and there we can fold the panel closest to the cab of our pickup. This allows us to gain access to different parts of our truck bed. We can fold up our tonneau and secure the rear and center panels by using the buckles at the front to free up two thirds of our bed. With our tonneau cover in the folded position and locked with the buckles, we can easily lift out of the rails for full bed access. Now, we'll go take it for a test drive and show you what it looks like heading down the road. That completes todays' review of the Extang Encore Hard Folding Tonneau Cover part number EX62430.