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Everchill RV Refrigerator Review

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Review of the Everchill RV Refrigerator

Today we're going to be taking a look at Everchill's 1.7 cubic foot refrigerator. You can see here in this mini fridge that there's plenty of space inside for all the commodities that you would normally keep when you're on a small road trip. You can see here, I've already got a fridge in my RV, but I went ahead and added the smaller one because I needed some additional storage space. And it's been working out great for that without taking up hardly any additional space inside the RV. You can see here, with its small size, I can even fit it up on the counter next to my sink. It's also great for pop-up campers and truck bed mounted campers.Some customers are wondering, "What makes this RV fridge any different than the cheaper refrigerators I can pick up at my local store" The biggest difference is the construction of the unit.

The refrigerators that you'll pick up at your local store are designed to be in your house or garage, where it's going to be stationary all the time. Your RV's constantly traveling, going over rough roads, they're going out to camp sites. There's a lot of vibrations and movement going on, so the internals in this unit are more robust and there's anti-vibration dampening technology for the moving components to ensure that they last a long time.Additionally, at the back of the unit, it's a flush mount design to help you save the space that you have in your RV by putting this close to the wall as possible. I do recommend, though, that you leave about an inch of space between the unit and your wall to allow for ventilation. This'll make your refrigerator more efficient.You can see about how big it is here with my hand inside of it.

You could easily fit a couple pounds of ground beef in there, as well as your ice tray. Below our freezer, we have a storage/drip pan, and this helps keep the frost buildup around your freezer section from spreading to the rest of your refrigerator section. What I really like about the layout of this small fridge is, you can easily fit a full 12-pack of soda cans right next to your freezer, here. They're going to stay nice and cold, and you can fit the entire box in there. That's nice, because that'll hold them all in place.It has an adjustable metal storage shelf.

We've got it here on the lowest setting, but you can see there are several settings, here. The lowest setting allows us to get that soda box in there. We still got plenty of space down here below. There's additional storage on our door, here. You can see we've got a slot here that will easily fit a half-gallon of milk or orange juice.

Storage for our condiments, and other small items. You could even put some additional soda cans here up on the door.Many people are wondering, "How much power is this going to draw" If you had it plugged in year-round, you would be looking at about 230kWh each year, and that's about $28 a year. Luckily for you, you're not using your fridge all the time. This is inside your RV, where you're just going on vacation with it and using it time to time. So, it's going to have a minimal impact on the amount of fuel you use on your generator.The door on the front has two handles, one on each side, and they did this because the hinge, here, is reversible. You can take this hardware off and put it on the other side. So, no matter where you place it in your RV, you can easily open the door and have it swing the correct direction. To make sure that it sits level without any wobble, we have adjustable feet located in the front on each side of the unit.A few of our customers have wrote in stating that they couldn't find the thermostat inside the unit. And they're right. There is no thermostat in the unit, because it's located here on the back. You'll have your adjustment here, to determine how cold it gets inside the unit.

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