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etrailer 7 Way Trailer Wiring Upgrade Kit Installation

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How to Install the etrailer 7 Way Trailer Wiring Upgrade Kit

Today we're going to show you how to install part number ET7WK. This is a 7-way trailer wiring upgrade kit. This is going to be great for taking care of from the vehicle to your junction box whether you're rewiring a trailer or just upgrading existing wiring. The first thing we want to do is just kind of roughly route the new 7-way into the area we intend to mount our junction box. I'm going to be doing mine right back here behind the A frame around the corner, kind of centrally located here in the middle of the trailer. What we're going to do is use a couple of self-tapping screws, get this mounted in location. I'll take off the long screws here in the front cover.

That'll expose all of our studs. What we'll do is pull out, see one of these plugs here, kind of have a softer center to it. I'll make a little slit in there. We want to pass our 7 pole wire directly through that, slide it on up the wire a little bit there. I'm going to slide that back in. We'll find out retainer.

We want to replace that right over our 7 pole and then get it threaded in there. We'll use that keeper to compress our 7 pole wire, holding it nice and securely. We'll start dividing our wires into the areas they're going to be connected to. Our white's going to be for our ground. Our black is going to be for 12 volt power. For my left side, turn signal and brake light we'll be using our red wire.

The blue wire, that's going to be for our stop signal. The brown wire, that's going to be used for our right side turning brake. Our green wire's for our taillights. Our yellow wire, we're going to run that down here. That's going to be auxiliary.

You'd use that for reverse lights if you we're going to do it on a marine application. On our trailer application here, we don't have this. We'll disconnected it so it has a home in case we ever need to add it. We can start trimming our wires back. We'll start adding on our ring terminals. At this point all we have to do is make our connections from our trailer wiring. You definitely want to start this project with healthy, working trailer wiring. We've got our caps. Just like before, make a small slit or small puncture in it. The wire's in. Now left side turn signal's going to be our yellow wire. We're going to connect that short red wire there. We'll put on a serrated washer. They also supply us the nuts we need. The next one is going to be our brown wire here. This one is our running lights. You can see it's kind of brown and yellow, kind of both. That needs to connect to our green wire. Remember that was our taillight circuit. We're going to leave that one open because we also need to pick up the other side. Auxiliary wire we can go ahead and put a nut on that one. We're not going to be reusing it. Take our other one. This one we're going to pass through out brake power and ground. We'll pass through our right blinker and taillight. I'm also going to pass through an additional wire. This is what we're going to use for our ground. Let's get all of our wires separated here. We'll put on another keeper just to hold those wires in place for us. Let's strip back our 2 white wires. These are going to be our ground wires. They'll go to the ground stud. Let's place on one of our locking washers and a nut there. We need to get our brown coming from our other side. That's going to go on the same taillight stud as we put the other one. Running lights stud . Our brown wire, that's for our right side turn signal. That's where our green wire needs to go. That's going to take care of both the turn signals and the brake lights. Finally we've got the 12 volt power lead coming from our brakes. We want to get that connected to our brake circuit. That pretty much is going to take care of everything that we need to do to operate the lights on our trailer and also the brakes on our trailer. Get everything neat and tidy. We can grab our cover and place that back on. We just need to get our ground wire, ground it out. We've got a stud right there that we'll use. We've got a ring terminal on there. We can just ground it right back out. There will be a stud provided with the kit. If you don't already have a stud located like this one, you can just use that to get it secured up. Let's check it out, make sure everything's working the way it should be. We've got everything hooked up. Let's run through our test. First we'll turn on our running lights and make sure that we've got lights where we want them. We'll turn on the left brake and blinker signal. Working fine there, now the right. Working fine there. We can spin the tire, engage the brakes and we want to see it lock up just like that. With everything working as it should, that completes our installation of part number ET7WK, the 7-way trailer wiring upgrade kit.