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etrailer Landing Gear Set Review

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Review of the etrailer Landing Gear Set

John: Hey guys. John here from, and today we're going to take a look at the landing gear set. This is designed to lift and support your fifth wheel nose when you're either parked or you're storing your camper for the winter. This year, it has an 8,000 pound weight capacity and offers a 36 and a half inch lift. It comes in two different configurations.One is designed for if you're just replacing your landing gear. You already have your motor.

You have your manual hand-crank. We also have one, and that comes with the manual hand crank. Working with customers when it comes to landing gear, the most common question I get is, "How do I know the replacement landing gear is the correct fit for my fifth wheel" To determine this, you're going to want to look at the weld stops on your current landing gear set. In this particular instance, the distance between the weld stops here is 15 and a half inches, and that's a very common measurement.The landing gear comes with a nice large foot plate here that's designed to help stabilize your trailer if you're parked on the soft terrain or maybe on level terrain. Helps keep you from sinking into the ground.

Length wise, it's going to measure about eight inches. It comes with a standard pin here that you can pull out so you can lower your leg. Makes it a lot easier and quicker to level your RV.The landing gear has a nice solid, sturdy steel construction. The internal tube and the footplate here, these are going to be exposed the most to the elements because they hang below your trailer. This has a clear zinc coated finish on it.

That does a really good job of resisting rusting corrosion from the elements. The outer tube here has a black powder coat finish which does a really good job of protecting this as well. You see here at the top of both our lead leg and on our follow leg, there's two greases or fittings. This provides a really easy way to add grease to the internal components and keep them all lubricated and help prolong the life.One thing our customers really note about this landing gear set is that it operates really smooth, which is due to the gearbox here. Similar landing gear set we have here at is from Bulldog.

It has the same 8,000 pound capacity and a similar lift. Really the only difference is that this has a standard pin that you pull to drop the leg, but the Bulldog has a spring loaded pin which snaps back in place at the next adjustment hole. It makes adjusting the legs up and down a little bit quicker.We do have options here at that you can upgrade this to a spring loaded pin, but if you we're thinking about having that option right off the bat, I recommend going with the Bulldog over that.This is where your fifth wheel landing gear is going to be located, up in your front storage compartment. As you can see, it's welded here to the side of the frame. When we're talking about motorized fifth wheel landing gear that you have two different options, one is a single motor application, which it looks like they have here, and that's going to be one motor on the side of it, which is going to operate both legs.Then you're going to have a dual motor application, which is going to operate the legs independently. One of the things you're going to need to also take note of on your fifth wheel landing gear is the location of the weld stops, not just the measurement. So on this specific application, the weld stops are located on the outside of the leg itself. Sometimes you're going to need to have the weld stop located on the inside of the fifth wheel landing gear, and that just depends on what kind of space and room you have and where it's mounted on your specific fifth wheel landing gear. That'll complete our look at the fifth wheel landing gear set. Thanks for watching.

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