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etrailer Hitch Cargo Carrier Review - 2020 Toyota Highlander

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Review of the etrailer Hitch Cargo Carrier on a 2020 Toyota Highlander

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the etrailer tilting and folding cargo carrier on our 2020 Toyota Highlander. Now, this is gonna be a great option to carry that extra gear with you or just get gear from the inside out to the outside. It's gonna give people more leg room. They're gonna be happier for it. Another thing is that if you got muddy gear or you're going to the beach, you got sand everywhere or you just got smelly sports equipment, you can store it out here, the mess is outside, you don't have to clean up anything inside.

It's much easier to spray this off with a hose than it is to vacuum the inside of your car. Now it's gonna be pretty heavy duty. Can hold up to 500 pounds. There's plenty of room on the rails on the outside for you to run your straps, to strap everything down properly. But one of the big things about it, like I said, is it tilts and it folds.

So let's go ahead and tilt it out of the way and you can do that with it fully loaded. So if you need to get to the back hatch for whatever reason, you don't have to pull everything off the cargo carrier, you can just tilt it out of the way and get to that back hatch. We're just gonna pull our pins and our clips. I'm gonna come back here to the back side. Just lift up onto the carrier, it lowers down like that and now we can get back access.

So even with a full load of, let's say it was stacked up to here. Not even close it, it won't hit it. You won't have any problems. Let's get it back up flat and get some measurements. Just gonna replace these pins.

Now I'm not going to put the clips back in 'em 'cause we're just gonna pull 'em out here again in a second. So just set 'em in there for now and then we'll get those measurements. So from front to back, 24 inches, from side to side, it's gonna be about 16 inches there. So that's quite a bit of room. Keep that in mind when you're deciding what you want to throw in there, how are you going to get it all to fit That's the room you have to work with. Now for other measurements, we can go how much it adds to the back of your Highlander, about 43 inches. So that's going to stick out a quite a bit. So just keep that in mind when it's back there. When you're backing up, you don't want to accidentally run into anything. You got the backup camera on your Highlander, you're gonna see it, but just keep in mind. Maybe pulling in your garage. You go to shut the garage automatically. Don't shut it down on your cargo carrier, just remember it's back there. While it's in this state, let's see how close it is to the ground. It has a little bit of rise in the shank so that's gonna give you a little extra. Your hitch is already kinda high on your Highlander so you're not gonna have to worry about it too much. It's gonna be at 16 inches of space from the ground to the bottom of the carrier. So that's gonna be plenty, but we always like to tell people be careful on those steep hills or steep driveways. You don't want to bottom out or scratch them. We usually measure in between, but you can see here, there's plenty of space, I can fully walk in here. That's not something, you're not even gonna come close. It's not gonna make any contact. You're not gonna have issues there. So to save this space that it adds to the back is we can fold it up. I'm gonna pull these pins out again and then fold it up towards the vehicle. Now we're gonna replace the pins back here at the bottom. Just like that. That's going to hold it in place. So with it folded up, let's get another measurement of how much space that saved. From the bumper to the furthest out point, it's gonna be 18 inches. So that's less, it's gonna help you out. But again, just remember it's back there. You still got something to add on. It's gonna add to the back of your vehicle. You don't want to accidentally run into anything. Let's see how close it gets to your vehicle. It looks like 11 and a half inches of space in between here. So again, that's still plenty. You see, as I shake it back and forth, it's not even coming close, it's not gonna make contact. Now, if we go down to the hitch, we can see if it's two inch by two inch hitches, it's got an anti-rattle bolt in there, so that takes out a lot of that shake and play. Now we do have an etrailer locking anti-rattle hitch pin that you can get that way you can just lock this up. Nobody can mess with it when you're not around and also includes the etrailer hitch alignment tool. So this is gonna work as a collar on the shank here and it's gonna go right up against the hitch, as you can see, it's tightened down, that way, every time you go to load this up, it's gonna hit that collar and the hitch pin's gonna align on the first try every single time. It's really gonna help out getting this loaded up so you can start your adventure sooner. Well, thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped. Here on our test course, we'll start by going through the slalom. This is gonna show us the side to side action. This simulates turning corners or evasively maneuvering. Once we get to the full speed bumps, we'll see the up and down action. This will be just like driving in and out of a parking lot, parking garage, or driveway. Once we get to the alternating speed bumps, we'll see the twisting action. This will simulate hitting a curb or pothole or driving over uneven pavement..

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